Winnipeg Downtown Apartments

You haven’t experienced Winnipeg until you have lived Downtown Winnipeg. Whether you just came in from the game, from work or back out again into the night. Downtown living is really something you can’t appreciate until you’ve leased luxury.

People like to travel whenever they can but the main reason that this is possible to enjoy is because at the end of a journey, it’s just really nice to come home. This is a sentiment that Your Next Place fully understands, which is why we choose properties to manage and offer to our tenants that is both homely, the centre of your life and offers the ability to grow in your community and enjoy all of life’s luxuries – both big and small.

Where else in Winnipeg would you find all of the world coming to you than at one of our many luxury downtown apartments, from studios, condos, one bedroom, two bedrooms and even three, Your Next Place awaits your confirmation. Escape political scandal, welcome home the children or set up shop and conduct business meetings from your own doorstep, we’ve got it all.

What Is Downtown Winnipeg And What Will I Find There?

Just like many cities and towns in the English speaking world, locals invariably name a part of their area, downtown. Winnipeg residents have gone one step further and actually called a borough Downtown. It is the oldest part of the city and resides at the confluence of the Assiniboine (South) and Red river (East). Within which resides Canada’s most geographically talked about street location Portage and Main – literally the centre of a Canuck’s universe. Now, who wouldn’t wish to live there?

Contained within its traditional borders, covering an approximate area of three square kilometers it is mainly a central business district, with centers of commerce flagged by seats of government. Not only for the City of Winnipeg but for the entire Manitoba Province. With that much of a magnet for thoroughfare, this has certainly led to a  convergence of industry with restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment springing up to cater for the working population. Which again follows through with an affluent property being built bang in the middle of it all.

Encompassing China Town in the north, The Forks to the South East and The Exchange District in the center, Central Park and Union Station both welcome and relax the city’s population on a daily basis. The latter both being areas where cheaper lettings meet the most well-traveled citizens of our city. Whomsoever could forget to mention the World’s most popular hockey team, the Winnipeg Jets who also have a Sister American Hockey team.

Which Developments Are Situated In Downtown Winnipeg?

This is an area that is both full of busy business and political show but remarkably quiet in some areas and at weekends too. It is the life and soul of the city with tourists and residents flocking in continually for theatre, concert, and ballet. So rich in culture and attractions it’s impossible to find a reason to live anywhere else.

Coupled with views over both rivers and a skyline to match, entertainment ever nearest but serenity and the wilds just a stroll away, there are several residences where the renting accommodation is in the centre of Winnipeg and is both affordable and at the same time, teetering upon spectacular luxury.

Ever since Tom Hanks starred in Big we’ve all wanted to live in a warehouse. There is simply no getting away from fantastical window designs for natural light, with such high ceilings that a giraffe would enjoy. That’s what you’ll find at 370 Donald Street, spacious, open, traditional funky living bang in the middle of the Manitoba political scene and the best of art galleries.

A little further west and south and you’ll arrive at 61 Furby Street, another century’s old building, renovated to the hilt with a focus on bringing out its main features and showcase fireplaces. With all Mod cons, you’ll be celebrating the city’s lively heritage in this pet-friendly building. Unless of course you keep walking and end up at the more secluded 59 Evanson with its red brick frontage and classic sash windows.

This leaves us to visit two of the finest properties in the Downtown area, the first situated at 807 Portage Avenue. If you like open brickwork, hardwood floors, pet-friendly apartments and spacious two bedroom luxury apartments then this is the real deal. However likely to be fully rented, you’ll find not a stone’s throw away the gentile establishment that is the Antares Luxury Suites.

With no expense spared this is where Royalty comes to stay with friends and family when in town. 190 Smith Street is the home of an interior designer’s dream. If you think it’s a hotel, with Continental breakfast on tap each morning and a fitness gym, you’re not far wrong as it used to be the Place Louis Riel. Instead on the fourth floor it now has a dog run – would you believe. Could our company welcome pets any more than we already do? Bring your children downtown too.

There are reasons for getting away and there are reasons for returning. We consider that our rental properties provide a chance to do both on the same day. It is a wonderful feeling when we match a tenant with one of the great one bedroom downtown apartments or two bedrooms luxury suites at the heart of Canadian history and in the very same streets and avenues where hundreds of thousands of people celebrate their life, culture, and hockey. Go Jets Go!