When the Luster Feeling in Your bedroom Begins to Fade

Hello sweet fairies! The sun gradually fades into the dark, slowly giving way for the moon, the stars are twinkling with all their might and all you want is to enjoy the glorious journey of a few hours in sweet slumber. But It’s 3 a.m. and you’re still tossing and turning. What’s the problem?  You no longer feel that excitement you used to whenever you’d walk into the bedroom and lately, you no longer sleep soundly like you used to. Chances are that your bedroom is no longer a comfort-boosting oasis.

The smell in your bedroom may have something to do with your waning excitement. Who doesn’t like fresh, inviting and perhaps gently fragranced scents? Smell is highly emotive which is why the perfume industry is a billion-dollar industry. Perfumer manufacturers develop fragrances that convey a vast array of emotions and feelings; from vitality to relaxation desire to power. To bring back some luster back to your bedroom, first start by restoring the freshness in your bedroom, then consider placing some naturally scented herbs such as cinnamon stickers, bunches of lavender or even thyme in your room.  If your bedroom is dusty, musty or just plain stinky, then you shouldn’t wonder why you no longer like spending time there. To restore the freshness of your downtown Winnipeg apartments, open the windows, wash the sheets, and clean the carpet.

To bring back its luster, depersonalize the room then and personalize it all over again. Most people understand the essence of personalized spaces. But, favorite things too, do get boring. Your once favorite color will fade out and start to dull your moods, that sculptural wall hanging will at some time start to show fault, and even that handmade rug may also begin to show signs of age. To bring in the once lived shimmer, you can update your photos and any other wall hangings in your bedroom to match the changing events in your life. For example, if you recently got a baby, include that photo somewhere in the bedroom. Again, small changes such as installing wallpaper with your current favorite color will bring some life back to your bedroom.

If your bedroom is beginning to feel dark and claustrophobic, that explains why you no longer enjoy spending time there. As Andy Warhol said, ″I believe in low lights and trick mirrors.″ You can combine lights and mirrors to make a small space look expanse and inviting. From decorative overhead lighting to bedside table lamps and floor lamps, there’s a whole range of lighting to choose from. Even as you play around with lighting, remember, soft lighting such as the crisp pales shades work best for bedrooms. For major visual impact and enhanced ambiance place a large mirror against the bedroom wall. The reflection will not only spruce up the room but also make it look and feel larger. When you play around with lighting and mirrors, even if you do nothing else to that bedroom, the change will be undeniable.

When you give your bedroom a cold shoulder, you’re reducing the tranquility of that special room and diminishing the restorative power of a great sleep as a result. A little creativity will help you turn a snug bedroom into a dreamy retreat.