Trendy Décor Ideas for Your Studio

Studio apartments are a chic and budget-friendly way to find the perfect living arrangements in a desirable part of town. These miniature apartments can range anywhere from a measly 300 square feet to a more spacious size of 600 square feet. With such a small size, decorating your studio can feel overwhelming and difficult. You don’t have much room for ornate decorations and you must use space wisely. Where do you get started when it comes to your sense of style for home décor?

Getting started can be the hardest part of making your studio apartment feel like home. Here are a few trendy ideas to help you make the most of your space in style!

Switch your bed out for a day bed

Are you interested in saving some serious space? You can get more practical use out of your sleeping arrangements by choosing a daybed instead of a traditional bed. During the day, it can serve as seating with colorful throw pillows. The best part is that you may not even have to purchase all new furniture. Push your current bed against the wall and drape it with a flowing comforter that reaches the floor. Add a few couch throw pillows and you’re finished!

Utilize your wall space

Don’t let those walls go without functional decorations. Hang plenty of wall shelves to store your books and trinket items. They are less likely to get damaged in your hustle and bustle when they are perched along the walls. You can use shelves to store excess clothes, shoes, dishes, and more. Get creative with the things you can store on these shelves.

Find some bold pieces to liven up the space

Do you think that you can’t have anything bold because your space is too small? Many studio apartment dwellers shy away from bold pieces of furniture, ornate antiques, and graphic wallpapers because they don’t know how it will look. However, these items can truly tie an entire room together. Look for pieces that speak to you and then give them a place of honor in your small space.

Separate your spaces

You can create the illusion of having more than one room by defining your spaces. This takes away from the feeling of a studio apartment and transforms into a more traditional setting. Creativity will play a huge role in how you can divide your space. Some people prefer to use curtains to hide their bed away during the day. Others like to choose functional items like bookshelves to surround their bed and make it feel more enclosed. Consider what items might fit best in your space to start to create separate areas.

Decorating a studio apartment can prove challenging for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t be afraid to choose bold pieces that you love and work them into the space. If you’re ready to find your next studio, Your Next Place can help you find the perfect well-located apartments for rent!