Things You Need to Get Done When You Move into a New Home

Moving can be an exhausting process fueled by pizza and soda until you finally collapse in your brand new bedroom. Most people have a laundry list of items they need to take care of on their first few days in a new home. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed as the to-do list spirals out of control and begins to take up multiple pages. You have to keep your eyes focused on the items that are actually paramount in the first few days in your new place. How can you tell the difference between which items really matter and which ones are just personal preference?

This handy guide to the essential things you need to get done when you move should help. Make sure these items all get accomplished in your first day of living in your new apartment so you can be safe and comfortable!

Change the Locks

How many people have the keys to your new home? Chances are that you may not even be able to guess at the number of people who could let themselves into your home at any given time. The best thing you can do to ensure your safety (and keep from being robbed) is to change the locks immediately. You may even want to go ahead and purchase new locks before you move in so that you are prepared to do this right away.

Clean the House

You won’t feel truly comfortable in the house until you’ve cleaned it from top to bottom. Start with the kitchen so that you can put foods away in the refrigerator and freezer. Wipe down the inside of the cabinets, clean out the appliances, and scrub the floors. You may even find that you need to scrub the walls to get rid of old cooking grease and food splatters. The bathroom should come next because you can’t avoid using it forever. Then, you can clean every area in between.

Shampoo the Carpets

A vacuum can only pull up so much dirt and dust from your carpets. A carpet shampooer is better equipped to rid the home of buildup. You can purchase one for a few hundred dollars at the local big-box store or rent one from a home improvement shop. Alternatively, many professional companies offer this service inexpensively.

Install a New Toilet Seat

You may never truly be able to get those hinges clean on an old toilet seat. Be prepared to install a new one after you’re finished cleaning in this area. This can give you better peace of mind and a more sanitary environment.

Replace the Air Filters

You never know how long it has been since the previous owner of your home changed the air filter. Start fresh with a new filter that doesn’t have any of their pet hair, cigarette smoke, and other pollutants crowding it. It takes only a few minutes to open the return and place in a new air filter, but it could pay off in the long run.

Moving can be an exciting time for you, but you have to be prepared to take care of your new home. If you happen to be searching for new apartments for rent in Winnipeg, Your Next Place has a carefully curated selection of premium apartments just for you! Contact us today to see how we can help you find the perfect spot!