Staging the Living Room in Your New Apartment

Have you ever entered someone’s house and nothing really caught your attention?  If this is was the case, either the room lacked a focal point or simply, the owner didn’t understand how to stage their living room. When you create a focal point in your living room and arrange your furniture around it, your house becomes more re-energized and inviting. A focal point can be an accent wall, a fireplace, artwork, mirrors or even a dramatic piece of furniture. The choice of features depends on your creativity, so ideas here are endless.

Artistic pieces can provide a focal feature in your Winnipeg luxury apartments living room. If you decide to use a piece of artwork, mount it where it’s visible from your house’s entry point. The art piece should be proportional to the size of the wall. That is, if you have a large wall, go for a large piece of artwork. For smaller walls, you can tightly group even number of art pieces works to create a focal point.  Clever backlighting can create a dramatic effect emphasizing the art piece.

If your living room is devoid of architectural features, an accent wall can be a perfect focal point. For a permanent pattern you can use either stones or tiles, and for temporal patterns, you can use wallpapers. Wallpapers are available in seemingly unending variety of colors, textures and patterns. When choosing the wallpaper, go for something that complements your walls. You can cover only one side of your living rooms wall to create a visual punch.

A fireplace can be a breathtaking focal point for your living room, but besides this, fireplaces also help cut energy bills especially during winter. That’s because fireplaces provide a natural way of heating a room without the need to use electricity. Other than these two benefits, fireplaces have a way of evoking storytelling buds in people, you can always cozy up in front of the roaring fire swapping stories with your family members. On this note, safety is prime when installing fireplaces. To remove combustible elements while still retaining the warmth of the fireplace in the house, install a direct-vent fireplace.

Armoires make sumptuous focal point choices. Their sheer size will command attention in any room. To make the even more eye-catching,, accessorize inside the armoire using colorful accessories, baskets, or even small paintings. You could also place lovely vases with plants on top of the armoire as décor.

When choosing a focal point in your living room, a great place is to start is to identify the first thing you see when you enter the room. If your living room lacks this point, create one by introducing the ideas presented above. The focal point of a room does not necessarily have to be anything grandiose or large in size; a nicely crafted ocean-blue globe can stage your living room just as perfectly- it all depends on how well you display it. Keep in mind, what really makes an impressive focal point is the visual display; not amount of space it takes up in the room.