The Spot at Tuxedo Point

Luxury. It’s hard to define, ineffable; you know it when you feel it. You luxuriate in it, a circular statement; it is something to be experienced, not described. There are signposts on the way to luxury, though; when your every need is accommodated, when the space you occupy is beautiful, when you are met with style and comfort, you know you’re on the way to luxury. There’s luxury apartment living right here in the city, and you can find it at The Spot at Tuxedo Point.


You want to enjoy your space, and The Spot aims to please. In a climate like ours, it’s important to find ways to work out indoors; you can’t rely on the weather being warm enough to get your cardio in, and sometimes the cold, slow slog to the gym can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why The Spot has a state-of-the-art fitness facility, suited for all fitness levels.


You might want to host a party; have a lot of guests over, and show them the incredible place where you stay. The Spot has a party room, fully furnished and beautifully lit, so you can have your friends and family over for an unforgettable evening. There’s even a rooftop patio, so during the summer months, you can take advantage of the incredible view of Shindleman Park.


You want your apartment to have all of the creature comforts of a brand new house, and The Spot doesn’t disappoint. In-suite laundry, gorgeous stone countertops, balconies with a view, incredible fixtures and a walk-in closet will make you feel pampered even when you’re staying in on a Saturday. You’ll even be able to hang out with your furry friends; you can have up to two pets in your home, so your fur family is more than welcome to stay with you. Gym access and free Wi-Fi are included in the rent, so you won’t even have to pay extra to access all of the perks that come with The Spot.


When it’s time to get out of the house, there’s plenty to do nearby. Winnipeg’s incredible new outlet mall is walking distance away, so you can find amazing deals on incredible fashion. IKEA is nearby, so it’ll be easy to find new furniture for the new place! You will be pleasantly surprised if you look at the prices for generic Cialis on this page, the prices are much lower than the brand name pills in the local pharmacy. The Golf Dome is close, so you can practice your swing, and Winnipeg’s VIP Movie Theatre is a short drive away, so you can enjoy the latest Oscar nominees in style!


The Spot even has 3 bedroom apartments for rent; that means luxury living for the whole family, or the opportunity for an office for your home business and a guest suite. Such an incredible place won’t have vacancies for long; over 90% of the spots in The Spot have already been scooped up, and it’s easy to see why. As fun as it is to write about luxury, it’s an entirely different experience to really feel it. Experience luxury. Live at The Spot.