Moving to South Winnipeg – The Spot at Pembina

You know The Spot. The Spot that’s your little place in the city, where you can take your friends or your date, the vibe vivacious or intimate, but perfect every time. The Spot is just right any time of day; you can have lunch there, or a late dinner; casual drinks with friends are a must, here. You know The Spot is very exclusive, but you’re always welcome, and you always see your favorite people there. Your friends always tell you they wish they had a spot like The Spot where they could take people who want to be at the place to be.

It’s almost a shame The Spot is so exclusive because it has an incredible view; late at night, stars shining above as you look around at the people passing below, walking through the beautiful parks and taking in the nightlife. All the amenities are here; because it’s so exclusive, you have your own code to get in, like the speakeasies of old. The WiFi is perfect at The Spot, so if you want to check where to go next, you can pull out your phone and keep the good times rolling. No matter how cold it is outside, you’ll be driving in style when you leave; you’ve got an indoor parking stall with your name on it. There’s nothing like knowing The Spot.

The location is incredible; you learned about it while you were in school because it’s so close to the University. Your friends who are students can make it down after class for a good time; when you’ve had a drink or two, you can head down to one of the many restaurants nearby, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Asian Fusion alongside wings, pizza, fast food and coffee shops. You might stop by the nearby grocery store instead, feeling creative, to have a picnic at one of the many parks that’s located so near The Spot; every night feels like a new adventure.

You don’t know how they manage it, but The Spot is great for kids, too; even though it’s exclusive and well-maintained, kids love it. It’s close to schools, libraries, and daycares, so if you have kids it will be easy for them to make it from wherever they are to spend some quality time with you. After hanging out for a while, you might take them down to the creek for a nice walk, or to play catch, soccer or frisbee.

The Spot is even pet-friendly; you’ve taken Buddy in and he’s been more than welcome every time. You’re still amazed to this day you found a place so welcoming and warm, so sophisticated and charming, so well-located yet exclusive. The Spot seems like a place that’s just yours, and you like it that way; every time you make a new friend, or an old one comes into town, you take them to it right away.

Looking for new apartments? You know The Spot. Now live there.