Sharing a two bedroom apartment

Two bedroom apartments just make more sense financially, for example, in Toronto, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is $2,036, while the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,795. This means that if you can find a roommate in Toronto, you can save yourself over $600. Of course, these are Toronto prices, but the logic is consistent across the country.

This makes sense financially, but there is also the cost of having to live with another person that should come into account. Here’s a list of ways to help mitigate that cost and make renting a two bedroom apartment with a roommate go as smoothly as possible.


Make a contract

Now, this does not have to be legally binding but you should get together with your potential roommate and iron out how you would like to live, and how responsibilities will be shared, and any deal-breaking house rules you or they need to feel comfortable. Take this time to figure out what kind of location you’re looking for, and how each individual feels about pets, partying, and levels of cleanliness. If there are demands that cannot be met by either side and accommodations or consolations that cannot be agreed upon then it is time to find a new roommate.


Room with someone you know you can live with

Living with someone can be really great, but it can also be really difficult. Living with another person can quickly become a chore, and if you do not have the necessary communication skills the relationship can break down very quickly. Make sure you find a roommate who you know you can tolerate, and who you know can tolerate you. It might seem like a really good idea to room with your best friend, but if you can’t live with them is it worth losing your best friend over? You are signing a lease with someone, which means you will be depending on them to be able to pay their share of the rent and the utilities every month. If you don’t think they could be up to the task, or if you’re unsure about whether they would be, it’s best to find someone who might not be your best friend but who’s more dependable.


Have a backup plan

Very rarely a two bedroom apartment will ever have bedrooms that are the same size. Inevitably someone’s going to get the bigger room, which can result in a lot of tension. Even if things go perfectly for the first few months, things can change. Say your roommate gets a significant other and wants to move out, or you guys have a disagreement and just can’t live together anymore. That’s when you’ll be glad you have a backup plan. Try to keep a list of people you know who are looking for roommates, have a couple places you could stay short term until the lease is up or things are worked out, and decide if you would be comfortable renting a room to a stranger. In case you’re looking for a rental apartment in Winnipeg, Your Next Place has some very good listing condos for you.