Moving Your Subzero Appliances to Your New Apartment

The joy of having classy appliances can be short-lived once it’s time to switch locations. Sub-Zero appliances such as the refrigerator and wine storages tend to be heavy and fragile. Without the help of an experienced moving company, you’re likely to damage your homes most expensive appliances. The refrigerators, for example, are difficult to move without the help of experts. Their large dimensions and heavyweight complicate things. What you need is a plan of execution from start to finish as explained in this article.

Prior to movement

This stage is very critical. If you mess up here, the whole relocating process may end tragically. Know the dimensions and designs of your appliances. What is in your appliance? If the appliance is a refrigerator remove all stored food, adjustable shelves, and ice cube trays. Then, defrost by unplugging the appliance then allow all the ice to melt. You can implement this quick method of defrosting. Remember to secure the power cord after unplugging it to avoid water damage and also so that it doesn’t get in the way during moving. For wine storages, you’re simply supposed to remove all the wine bottles, then if the appliance has water or ice, drain the pan and the ice maker, and clean your appliance.

Transit stage

Some Sub-Zero appliances lack frame crossbars in the front and back.  Since there’s nothing solid for the appliance mover to hold, this complicates things. Any spaces used between the bottom of the appliance and the top of it must be positioned in a way not to damage hoses, lines or wires. Unlike other residential or commercial items, electronic appliances require handling and care.  Positioning during movement is the most important factor to think about. Rest the appliance on its left to prevent the shifting of compressor oils. Later, set it upright for at least a day to let the oils settle. If the appliance was not cleaned thoroughly in the preparation stage, mildew will grow.

Sub-zero installation

This stage is crucial and you may need to rethink handling it yourself unless you’re a qualified or professional installer or an electrician. You avoid damages or even accidents when you know how to handle electricity and appliance installation. This means knowing how the circuit breaker, receptacle, and power supply work and affect your appliance. Ensure there is enough water pressure for your appliances if they need water.

Since moving sub-zero appliances requires skill, it’s best when you engage an experienced moving company. Remember, if you decided to move the appliance by yourself, you will need to have certain tools and materials such as screwdrivers, copper tubing cutter, pliers, cardboard, and a wrench set. Getting the tools and materials required may end up being costly if you don’t have them at hand. As you move to Winnipeg best apartments, you want the convenience that comes with functional appliances so don’t risk damaging them.