Keller Tower – Living in Winnipeg St. James

 “Quelle heure est-il” is French for “what time is it?”, a question you might find yourself asking after another blissful evening in Keller Towers. Time passes quickly when you’re enjoying yourself, and in this modern, luxurious apartment, there’s nothing to do but luxuriate, appreciating the beauty and comfort of your home. From the balcony views of the Assiniboine River to the easy access to Portage Highway, this newly renovated building in the heart of St. James truly has it all.

One of the first suburbs of Winnipeg, St. James has been developed rapidly since the early 1900s. The neighborhood is home to some of Winnipeg’s classic hotspots; Sargent Sundae, the Silver Heights diner, and Santa Lucia pizza are all nearby. Joe Black’s Coffee Bar is nearby for your early morning pick-me-up, and High Tea Bakery has customizable cookies and pastries suitable for a classy event, or even your afternoon stroll.

Picturesque parks and landmarks are a staple of the area; you can feel the history in the air. The Assiniboine flows through many of them; Birchwood and Woodhaven Park are fed by the river, and scenic Grant’s Old Mill is near a plethora of walking trails for hiking enthusiasts. You can’t talk about St. James without mentioning gorgeous Assiniboine Park, easily reached by a footbridge crossing a few blocks from the Towers. Walk through the incredible Sculpture Gardens, enjoy a show at the Lyric Theatre, and take your family to see the diverse, breathtaking wildlife at the Zoo. Those who love the outdoors will find themselves well-serviced by this awe-inspiring neighborhood. Interested in picking up a fun new hobby? Walk down the street to Heights Archery range, and enjoy some target practice with a real bow and arrow.

Love a night out with your friends? Keller Towers is the place to be. Grab a steak at The Keg, enjoy sushi at INGKO, and stop for a brew at Underdogs; all within blocks of your home. From here, it’s easy to catch up bus down Portage to catch a Jets game and enjoy the downtown or go for a shopping spree at nearby Polo Park, the city’s biggest mall.

Convenience is key to great urban living, and the Towers are near all the amenities you could need. There are plenty of schools and daycares nearby for the young ones, so it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. Chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, optometrists, and dentists are all close to home, so whatever your medical needs, the neighborhood can accommodate you. Grocers nearby make picking up food a breeze, and gas stations and convenience stores will keep you stocked on the essentials.

The amenities within your suite are as wonderful and diverse as the ones outside; in-suite laundry, dishwasher and air conditioning will make your chores both easy and comfortable. Modern, chic appliances add to your home’s incredible aesthetic. You might not be able to call your house a home without your furry bundle of joy; Keller Towers is more than willing to accommodate your pet. Qu’elle heure est-il? Time to luxuriate; time for Keller Towers.