Living in A Ground Floor Apartment Can Avoid Problems When You Have A Little One at Home

When you are searching for a new apartment you undoubtedly have a lengthy list of what you are searching for and what you aren’t looking for. Some criteria you might be uncompromising about yet there always are secondary criteria which are more flexible. Which floor an apartment is on probably falls into this category and there are cons and pros for every floor. Here’s what I consider to be the main drawbacks and benefits:

Pros of Being on the First Floor


One big plus is that first floor occupants oftentimes have use of a yard or garden. However, not only are you able to you appreciate dining outdoors and container gardening, it is good to have an easy outside area to paint furniture or perform other do-it-yourself jobs.

Neighbor Noise

There isn’t anyone beneath you so do not have to be concerned with bothering a neighbor with any foot traffic. It’s particularly vital if you have kids who dance around, stomp, or run. You also slash your opportunity of having a noisy neighbor in half.


There are less steps to climb, particularly with groceries, as you move or with a stroller in tow.  Also, it’s great when elderly individuals pay a visit. It also is easier to walk to take the garbage out or recycle, whereby residents of additional floors typically wait until they’re going out for another reason.

Cooler temperatures

As all of us have learned in science: heat rises. Even if everyone in your building has a window AC or two, they can still keep colder on the first floor. Not only are they more comfortable within the dog days of summer, they save a little on the utility bill.

Cons of Living on the First Floor

Lack of privacy

If the apartment faces the street, you will probably want to cover the windows with curtains, shades, or blinds, to prevent the entire world from seeing that overflowing hamper or, even worse, watching you rest.

Close to the street

You’re closer to the smells and sounds of the street: garbage cans, garbage trucks, car alarms, folks rummaging through the recycling cans looking for deposit bottles. Also, more dirt, dust, and mosquitoes tend to make their way inside the apartment than when you live on higher floors.


It’s perhaps a downside and a benefit. Ground floor apartments might be easier to break into as the windows are at street level. Unless you are home, you shouldn’t leave your windows open which may make it a little stuffy. With that said, being in easy view of onlookers and close to the street discourages cat burglars.

Ringing doorbells

You may receive a lot of rings from USPS/Fed Ex/UPS wondering if you’ll accept packages for neighbors since you are “so close”.

Having outside space and not walking up stairs with groceries and babe in arms are likely the most critical things to consider when choosing a first-floor apartment.

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