Finding a pet friendly apartment in Winnipeg

Finding an apartment that can accommodate a feline, canine, or any other kind of animal companion can be no small task in Winnipeg.

The first place one should check out is’s listing search of apartments for rent in Winnipeg, as it includes a filter for only pet-friendly properties.

Furthermore, just because a place is not listed as ‘pet-friendly’ does not necessarily mean a landlord is against there being a pet on their property. Sitting down and talking with a landlord can go a long way towards being able to rent a home for you and your pet.


Understand why some landlords may be against housing pets

They may have had bad experiences in the past with pet owners who were not able to, or simply did not care to, safely confine their pets. Or they may have had previous pet owners who left feces or damage to carpets and/or drapes behind when they moved out. They may have had complaints from neighbours about barking dogs, and wondered how they were supposed to effectively deal with that problem, or they may be concerned about these issues in the future.

Your job is to present to the landlord why it is you are a responsible pet owner, and different from any previously unruly, or potential, tenants. You want to show them why it is they should not worry about any problems with your pet.


Gather proof that you are a responsible pet owner

  • Get a reference letter from your previous landlord attesting to your responsible ownership.
  • Get a letter from your veterinarian stating that you have been conscientious in your pet’s medical care, and supply documentation that your pet has been spayed or neutered, and vaccinated against rabies.
  • Point out that your pet is housetrained or litter-box trained, and that that you always clean up after your dog outdoors and that you always properly dispose of your pet’s waste.


Make a resume for your pet

If it’s a dog, get a certificate of training from an obedience school. Highlight your pet’s personality, behaviour, history, and habits. Be sure to keep the tone light, this document should attempt to build a rapport with your potential landlord as well inform them. Include a good picture of your pet, and if possible attach a letter of reference from your previous landlord.


Arrange a meet and greet

If you have followed these steps and your potential landlord is unsure but still open to the idea of housing a pet, propose arranging a meet and greet, so that he or she can meet your pet and see how they match up with your pet’s resume. If the resume was accurate and you were honest about yourself and your pet this should be a homerun.


Offer a pet deposit

Last but not least, if not previously stated to be a pet-friendly rental, a landlord will expect a pet deposit. If they had not already thought of that or mentioned it, you suggesting it would show how serious you are about wanting to rent from them, and be a responsible pet owner and tenant.

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