East Kildonan May Be the Right Place for You – 163 Rowandale

There’s a particular joy that comes with moving into a newly renovated place; the vibe feels exciting and welcoming, the appliances are top-of-the-line, and the fresh paint and floors make the space inviting. Tired of washing dishes by hand? A brand new dishwasher will change your life (seriously, if you haven’t switched from no dishwasher to dishwasher, you haven’t known true bliss). A spacious spot with a courtyard so you can enjoy the outdoors; 163 Rowandale is the place to be.


Location, location is the mantra of real estate, and you can’t find a place much better than this. Right by the Red River, there’s plenty of amazing parks and walking to do; if you love the outdoors as much as I do, you’ll be in heaven with the through-city trails that pass by this place. There’s a couple of beautiful golf courses nearby as well, so if you like to get your exercise while trying to hole-in-one-up your friends, this is a great area to be in.


A great neighborhood needs great food, and the area around Rowandale doesn’t disappoint. All of the quick fix staples are here; grab a coffee at Tim’s or Starbucks to start your day, head down to the Bake Oven for some pastries and enjoy your morning. You can get sushi or Chinese food down the street for lunch, or stop by Winnipeg’s own Sal’s for a Nip when it’s nippy outside. For supper, head to Jeffrey’s Restaurant or grab a slice at Santa Lucia; grab some ice cream from Dairy Queen for dessert, and you’re all set for your daily nutritional needs (though you might want to stop by Family Foods or Sobey’s an apple after all that deliciousness).


When you have kids, you need an apartment that’s close to some great schools; this area is well-serviced for education, with primary to high schools so near your kids will be able to walk home; as we all know, in -40 weather that builds character, though there are buses as well. If you’re a student yourself, you’ll find the area well serviced by buses; an 11 stops right by your apartment and brings you all the way downtown to the U of W, or to your Rapid Transit transfer.


There’s plenty to do in the area, too; Kildonan Park is right across the river, so catch a play at Rainbow Stage! You can go bowling at Rossmere, just a few short blocks away; there’s a comic book and collectible store for the geeks, and just down the way Sam’s Place is always putting on free shows from local artists.


When you’re looking for 2 bedroom apartments for rent, 163 Rowandale is the spot to check. Great for students, great for families, great for retirees, great if you just want an awesome, newly renovated spot to call your home. Looking out the window, you’ll be able to appreciate the stunning view; look back into the apartment, a different but still amazing sight will greet you: the sight of home.