Dealing with a Nosy Landlord

According to Porch, the most annoying neighbours are nosy neighbours. These folks are particularly frustrating because they refuse to let others live their lives in peace; they’ll butt in where they don’t belong, give unsolicited advice, and nag about problems that aren’t theirs to nag about. Seriously, wouldn’t we all love to live lives so drama-free we had to go bother our neighbours to find some? Sadly, these folks still exist, and it’s only worse if the “neighbour” in question is your landlord. With a neighbour, worst comes to worst you can tell them to shove off, but with a landlord more diplomacy seems to be in order; we want to maintain the best relationships we can while they still own the property we’re living on.

The first thing to know is your rights. Review your lease as well as documents like The Residential Tenancies Act. In Manitoba, a landlord must give a tenant at least 24 hours notice before entering their premises, so if your landlord is barging in at random times without notice, you can politely inform them that next time, you’ll need at least 24 hours notice. Should your landlord give you 24 hours notice, but it’s impractical for you to accommodate the visit, you can give an alternative time frame, so long as it’s within reason.

You must communicate with your landlord; it’s possible they don’t realize they’re being nosy and inconsiderate. Honest, open communication is key to all of our relationships, including financial ones; if your landlord doesn’t know they’re being a nuisance, how will they stop? Tell your landlord that you’re always willing to work with them when they need access to the unit, but without notice you feel that you’re being treated unfairly.

You might find that despite your good intentions, your landlord continues to butt in where and when they aren’t supposed to. When this happens, it’s time to start logging everything. Send a written complaint to the landlord advising of the issue, and start writing down every intrusion or bad interaction: every phone call, every meeting, everytime they barge in has got to be logged.

Hopefully, the logs and written notice are enough evidence that you mean business; most of the time, cool heads will prevail here and your landlord will cease to bother at all hours of the day. Should this fail, you can begin to consider professional mediation or legal action in order to restore some peace and sanity to your life. To buy generic Cialis on this site provides great discounts and free delivery to your home.

One always hopes it doesn’t come to moving, but some landlords will sadly succeed at driving you away. Should you and your family need a new place to stay, there are always 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Winnipeg that you can find with good property management companies or reputable landlords who will stay out of your hair.