The Convenience of Living Within A Walking Distance from Work

If you are exhausted from spending endless hours commuting and driving from and to work and changing employers isn’t an option, it is time that you think about moving closer to your office. The benefits of living close to your workplace may outweigh whatever cons it might present. Below are a few of the reasons why residing close to your job is a benefit and getting a luxury apartment is a worthwhile investment:

You’ll gain a work/life balance

The endless hours spent commuting may be utilized to chill with your loved ones or hang with your friends. It’s possible to use the additional time to pursue hobbies. There are more chances for rest when you do not need to spend so much time travelling on the road.

It’s possible to walk to work, which is much healthier

If you reside just a couple of minutes away from your office, it’s possible to forego taking public transportation and instead walk to your job. It’s an excellent method of exercising without becoming too tired by the time you arrive to your office. Besides, walking to work is preferable to being crammed into a train or bus. If your luxury apartment is a little too far for walking, you can choose to instead bike to work. It still beats the traffic and discomfort you’ll experience in commutes.

Did you have any idea that by walking thirty minutes per day, you actually can lose weight and gain better health?

Save money

Biking or walking to your job will save you lots of fare money. It’s especially a fact if you usually take a taxi to work. Imagine the thousands you’ll wind up saving by not riding the cab. If you reside close to your job, you also can drop by in your apartment for lunch rather than dining out every day.

Place yourself in less danger

All of us know the horrific tales that Filipino commuters suffer on a routine basis. The average commuter taking the train or bus must deal with sexual harassers and robbers which blend in with the crowd. Commuters who drive to work have to handle reckless motorists and corrupt enforcers taking advantage of helpless motorists. It’s possible to escape all of this by renting a luxury apartment closer to your job. The briefer the distance between your office and home, the lesser the odds of encountering criminal elements.

You’ll do the environment a favor

Think about the carbon footprint you are accumulating if you are travelling to work 5 days per week. Giving up your vehicle and moving closer to your job so you can instead walk is a huge contribution to our environment.

Since you already spend the majority of your waking time slaving away at your job, you deserve to take a break after working. Getting trapped inside a car, bus or train for hours shouldn’t be a part of your routine.

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