Choosing the Right Apartment for You and Your Pet

If residing without your pet is unthinkable, read these tips to ensure that you’re an excellent neighbor, as well as a compliant member of the rules inside your apartment complex.

Research apartment options

Carefully research to locate an apartment complex which is going to permit the kind of pet you have or wish to adopt. Some complexes permit small pets, like a cat, hamster, or gerbil, while other communities will allow you to have small dogs yet may limit the breed. Therefore, if you have an energetic Lab retriever, or you always have wanted a Great Dane, you may need to look a bit more to locate an option.

If possible, live on the first floor

If you have a dog, it might be easier to live on the first floor. Heading directly outdoors from the front door is less messy and faster than maneuvering through the hallways and downstairs with a dog who has been waiting all day to go out.

Consider the personality of your pet

Cats may be low maintenance and independent, while hamsters and guinea pigs are confined to a cage but require a little more work. Be aware that specific dog breeds are high energy and might be chewed if they’re bored. Dogs susceptible to incessant barking — at other canines, passersby they see out of the window, sounds such as the air conditioning or furnace kicking on — is disruptive, even to dog-loving neighbors. Therefore, if you really, really want a dog, consider a smaller breed notorious for its calm disposition. Establish realistic expectations and know that some pets simply are not cut out for living in apartments.

Keep pets updated on vaccinations and parasite preventions

It’s important anyway, yet particularly when you’re living in an apartment complex next to people and other animals.

Give pet a lot of exercise

The majority of dogs require a lot of exercise. Select an apartment complex with a good area for you and your pooch to walk, whether it is on the grounds or on the sidewalks leading to other communities. Some apartment complexes have their own dog park for their tenants to use. Or you might investigate public dog parks which are close to the proximity where you live.

Keep pet entertained

For inside pets, be certain that you have a lot of toys to play with. Cats like to hang out in high areas; therefore, having a cat tower inside the apartment may offer hours of entertainment. If there is a dog, consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter who can offer a little interaction during the daytime.

Obtain renter’s insurance

Your apartment complex might require renter’s insurance anyway; however, it is an excellent idea to have it. Even the best-trained canines are not perfect. Renter’s insurance will assist you financially if your dog or other type of pet causes damage to something.

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