370 Donald – Living Close to Winnipeg Exchange District

In 1905, prolific architect Herbert Matthews was contracted to build Weldon Block on Donald Street in Winnipeg. Matthews’ style was heavily influenced by his work with New York City architect Charles Haight, who focused mostly on ecclesiastical and educational building. His style was grand, with Romanesque and Victorian influences; high cleanings, huge windows and beautiful, wooden floors. Weldon Block has been updated, repurposed to create one of the most stunning living spaces in Winnipeg, a blend of historic and ultra-modern: 370 Donald.

Live here, live in the heart of the city. You are minutes away from the MTS Centre and the Exchange District; when it’s time for a night on the town, you’re already in it. The most incredible restaurants in the city are at your fingertips; Deer and Almond, Peasant Cookery, Clementine, Shawarma Khan, Carnaval, Cibo; the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder these restaurateurs have decided to make their home so near to yours; the area is steeped in culture, with large, turn of the 20th century brick buildings adorned with old paint-on advertisements inspiring creativity and curiosity. There are bars and pubs aplenty in the area; Yellow Dog, one of this writer’s personal favorites, is right across the street.

Shops for every hobby imaginable are at your fingertips; comic book shops, vintage clothing stores, bookstores, and the ever-classic Toad Hall Toys are all walking distance from your home. Two of the cities malls, Portage Place and CityPlace, are right nearby, so shopping is an absolute breeze; when it’s cold, take the SkyWalk between amenities, and keep comfy as you go.

There are so many attractions near this incredible location that it would be impossible to list them all without flooding the place with tourists. Several museums are nearby, including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canada’s only National Museum outside of the Capital Region. The Winnipeg Art Gallery is close by, hosting a striking collection of classic and modern art. The Forks is a quick walk away, and access to its various markets, food, beer, and cultural activities comes easy.

Students will find this location too good to pass up on; it’s walking distance to the University of Winnipeg and Red River College, and you’ll be sure to be the envy of your classmates. The Millenium Library, Winnipeg’s largest library, with its incredible architecture, is just down the street. Working downtown is just as nice, with many of Winnipeg’s most influential businesses blocks away from where you’ll stay.

The proximity to some of the greatest neighborhoods in the city is another point in favour of this space; there’s a reason it’s called the heart of the city. The Exchange, and beautiful Waterfront Drive are nearby; it’s a quick hop over the Esplanade Riel to Saint-Boniface, and Osborne and the Legislative Building are easy to reach. Anywhere else you want to go, you’ll be able to; bus service to this area is the best in the city.

You’ll find yourself in awe of 370 Donald; this space is near everything you could want, and the old building has been updated with style. Keeping its incredible brick face and wood floors, every suite has a dishwasher, and there’s laundry on every floor. There’s a fitness facility on site, so if you don’t want to work out in the cold, you don’t need to. 370 Donald even accepts pets, so you won’t have to leave your furry friend behind when you go on the endless adventures that await you. 370 Donald is the place to be at the heart of the city.

Choosing the Right Apartment for You and Your Pet

If residing without your pet is unthinkable, read these tips to ensure that you’re an excellent neighbor, as well as a compliant member of the rules inside your apartment complex.

Research apartment options

Carefully research to locate an apartment complex which is going to permit the kind of pet you have or wish to adopt. Some complexes permit small pets, like a cat, hamster, or gerbil, while other communities will allow you to have small dogs yet may limit the breed. Therefore, if you have an energetic Lab retriever, or you always have wanted a Great Dane, you may need to look a bit more to locate an option.

If possible, live on the first floor

If you have a dog, it might be easier to live on the first floor. Heading directly outdoors from the front door is less messy and faster than maneuvering through the hallways and downstairs with a dog who has been waiting all day to go out.

Consider the personality of your pet

Cats may be low maintenance and independent, while hamsters and guinea pigs are confined to a cage but require a little more work. Be aware that specific dog breeds are high energy and might be chewed if they’re bored. Dogs susceptible to incessant barking — at other canines, passersby they see out of the window, sounds such as the air conditioning or furnace kicking on — is disruptive, even to dog-loving neighbors. Therefore, if you really, really want a dog, consider a smaller breed notorious for its calm disposition. Establish realistic expectations and know that some pets simply are not cut out for living in apartments.

Keep pets updated on vaccinations and parasite preventions

It’s important anyway, yet particularly when you’re living in an apartment complex next to people and other animals.

Give pet a lot of exercise

The majority of dogs require a lot of exercise. Select an apartment complex with a good area for you and your pooch to walk, whether it is on the grounds or on the sidewalks leading to other communities. Some apartment complexes have their own dog park for their tenants to use. Or you might investigate public dog parks which are close to the proximity where you live.

Keep pet entertained

For inside pets, be certain that you have a lot of toys to play with. Cats like to hang out in high areas; therefore, having a cat tower inside the apartment may offer hours of entertainment. If there is a dog, consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter who can offer a little interaction during the daytime.

Obtain renter’s insurance

Your apartment complex might require renter’s insurance anyway; however, it is an excellent idea to have it. Even the best-trained canines are not perfect. Renter’s insurance will assist you financially if your dog or other type of pet causes damage to something.

For more information on pet friendly apartments for rent feel free to contact Your Next Place today!

What to Look for When Choosing a Pet-Friendly Apartment

The vast majority of people consider their pet to be a part of the family. In fact, over 95 percent of people believe that their dog or cat is just as important to them as a human family member. It makes sense then that we would prioritize our pet when it comes to finding the perfect apartment for our family. You need to find the perfect area that is going to be pet-friendly, but what does that really mean?

Many people are desperate to do what is best for their beloved pets when they make a major move, but they don’t know what to look for. Here are a few of the attributes you will need to find in a new apartment to ensure that it is going to be a good fit for your furry friend.

Places to Walk

Your dog likely needs time to burn off their excess energy every single day. In the confines of an apartment, you aren’t likely to find that playing a few rounds of fetch will do the trick. Instead, you are going to need to take your pup for a nice long walk each evening when you get home from work. Make sure that your new apartment complex has plenty of places for you to walk so that things never get too boring.

When wintertime comes and the days are much shorter, it might already be dark by the time you get off work. Look around for street lights or come back at night to see how well-lit your potential apartment complex will be. This can allow for much safer walks in the dark, even though it isn’t quite nighttime yet.

Dog Parks or Fenced-in Areas

Sometimes, your dog just needs a little time to roam free with other pets. Look for fenced-in areas or designated dog parks where you can play fetch on a Saturday afternoon. These spaces are becoming more common in apartment complexes that are considered to be very pet-friendly. Of course, you will want to ensure that there are rules in place for the dogs who visit. Check with the apartment complex to inquire about required vaccinations and rules for the dog park on premises.

Distance to Amenities

You and your dog might want to get out and explore the town a little bit when things grow boring at home. Check around to find out what sort of amenities are nearby that you could explore together. Look for local parks, bigger dog parks, and hiking trails that will keep you both happy and active. You may even search for swimming areas where you and your pup could go for a short swim!

Finding the right pet-friendly apartment doesn’t have to be extremely difficult, but you do have to know what you want. By searching for a few of these basic features, you can create a home for you and your furry friend that you will love. Your Next Place can help you find plenty of pet-friendly apartments for rent!

Finding a Two-Bedroom Apartment in Winnipeg

Finding the perfect apartment can feel like an elusive dream. You might search through the newspaper for advertisements, scour the internet, and drive around the local neighborhoods looking for availabilities. The right two-bedroom apartment for you does exist – if you know where to look and what you need. Before you can decide on an apartment, you have to know which features are the most important to you. This can help you narrow down the search field and make things a little more accessible for you.

Are you still unsure what to look for in a two-bedroom apartment in Winnipeg? Here are just a few of the top qualities that renters just like you are hoping to find.


How far are you willing to drive to get to work in the mornings? Most people only want to spend a half-hour in their car or less to get to all of their favorite destinations. Before you settle on the perfect apartment across town, you need to consider how far you will be driving to get to your favorite Mexican restaurant, your best friend’s house, and even your place of work. A car ride that feels like forever is going to become frustrating rather quickly. Be sure to map out how far your new apartment is from a grocery store, any local amenities you visit frequently, and your job.


Sure, you may not have a dog right now, but what if you want to get one this year? Looking for an apartment that is pet-friendly gives you the option of purchasing a furry companion during your lease. Look for apartment complexes that have plenty of green space, a dog park, and trails that allow you to take your new pup for a walk. Inside the apartment, make sure you have enough space for a four-legged friend to roam. You should also check to see what their pet deposit is to make sure that it is something you can afford.

Floor Plan

Are you going to be sharing your two-bedroom apartment with a roommate or a child? You may want to consider the unique living arrangements that you will need if you happen to be sharing your apartment with another person. For example, you might prefer the bedrooms to be on opposite sides of the apartment if you have a roommate. If your other tenant is a newborn, you might prefer bedrooms that are right next to each other to make those late-night feedings a little more tolerable. Consider your own unique needs in terms of floor plan before you make a final decision.

When you’re ready to find the perfect two-bedroom apartment in Winnipeg, you need to keep these attributes in mind. Prioritize what is going to be the most important to you before you even begin to look for new places. Once you know what you want, be sure to visit Your Next Place for a carefully curated list of two-bedroom apartments in Winnipeg that will be perfect for you!

Finding a pet friendly apartment in Winnipeg

Finding an apartment that can accommodate a feline, canine, or any other kind of animal companion can be no small task in Winnipeg.

The first place one should check out is YourNextPlace.ca’s listing search of apartments for rent in Winnipeg, as it includes a filter for only pet-friendly properties.

Furthermore, just because a place is not listed as ‘pet-friendly’ does not necessarily mean a landlord is against there being a pet on their property. Sitting down and talking with a landlord can go a long way towards being able to rent a home for you and your pet.


Understand why some landlords may be against housing pets

They may have had bad experiences in the past with pet owners who were not able to, or simply did not care to, safely confine their pets. Or they may have had previous pet owners who left feces or damage to carpets and/or drapes behind when they moved out. They may have had complaints from neighbours about barking dogs, and wondered how they were supposed to effectively deal with that problem, or they may be concerned about these issues in the future.

Your job is to present to the landlord why it is you are a responsible pet owner, and different from any previously unruly, or potential, tenants. You want to show them why it is they should not worry about any problems with your pet.


Gather proof that you are a responsible pet owner

  • Get a reference letter from your previous landlord attesting to your responsible ownership.
  • Get a letter from your veterinarian stating that you have been conscientious in your pet’s medical care, and supply documentation that your pet has been spayed or neutered, and vaccinated against rabies.
  • Point out that your pet is housetrained or litter-box trained, and that that you always clean up after your dog outdoors and that you always properly dispose of your pet’s waste.


Make a resume for your pet

If it’s a dog, get a certificate of training from an obedience school. Highlight your pet’s personality, behaviour, history, and habits. Be sure to keep the tone light, this document should attempt to build a rapport with your potential landlord as well inform them. Include a good picture of your pet, and if possible attach a letter of reference from your previous landlord.


Arrange a meet and greet

If you have followed these steps and your potential landlord is unsure but still open to the idea of housing a pet, propose arranging a meet and greet, so that he or she can meet your pet and see how they match up with your pet’s resume. If the resume was accurate and you were honest about yourself and your pet this should be a homerun.


Offer a pet deposit

Last but not least, if not previously stated to be a pet-friendly rental, a landlord will expect a pet deposit. If they had not already thought of that or mentioned it, you suggesting it would show how serious you are about wanting to rent from them, and be a responsible pet owner and tenant.

Click here to see our list of the best pet friendly apartments in Winnipeg.