Winnipeg Downtown Apartments

You haven’t experienced Winnipeg until you have lived Downtown Winnipeg. Whether you just came in from the game, from work or back out again into the night. Downtown living is really something you can’t appreciate until you’ve leased luxury.

People like to travel whenever they can but the main reason that this is possible to enjoy is because at the end of a journey, it’s just really nice to come home. This is a sentiment that Your Next Place fully understands, which is why we choose properties to manage and offer to our tenants that is both homely, the centre of your life and offers the ability to grow in your community and enjoy all of life’s luxuries – both big and small.

Where else in Winnipeg would you find all of the world coming to you than at one of our many luxury downtown apartments, from studios, condos, one bedroom, two bedrooms and even three, Your Next Place awaits your confirmation. Escape political scandal, welcome home the children or set up shop and conduct business meetings from your own doorstep, we’ve got it all.

What Is Downtown Winnipeg And What Will I Find There?

Just like many cities and towns in the English speaking world, locals invariably name a part of their area, downtown. Winnipeg residents have gone one step further and actually called a borough Downtown. It is the oldest part of the city and resides at the confluence of the Assiniboine (South) and Red river (East). Within which resides Canada’s most geographically talked about street location Portage and Main – literally the centre of a Canuck’s universe. Now, who wouldn’t wish to live there?

Contained within its traditional borders, covering an approximate area of three square kilometers it is mainly a central business district, with centers of commerce flagged by seats of government. Not only for the City of Winnipeg but for the entire Manitoba Province. With that much of a magnet for thoroughfare, this has certainly led to a  convergence of industry with restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment springing up to cater for the working population. Which again follows through with an affluent property being built bang in the middle of it all.

Encompassing China Town in the north, The Forks to the South East and The Exchange District in the center, Central Park and Union Station both welcome and relax the city’s population on a daily basis. The latter both being areas where cheaper lettings meet the most well-traveled citizens of our city. Whomsoever could forget to mention the World’s most popular hockey team, the Winnipeg Jets who also have a Sister American Hockey team.

Which Developments Are Situated In Downtown Winnipeg?

This is an area that is both full of busy business and political show but remarkably quiet in some areas and at weekends too. It is the life and soul of the city with tourists and residents flocking in continually for theatre, concert, and ballet. So rich in culture and attractions it’s impossible to find a reason to live anywhere else.

Coupled with views over both rivers and a skyline to match, entertainment ever nearest but serenity and the wilds just a stroll away, there are several residences where the renting accommodation is in the centre of Winnipeg and is both affordable and at the same time, teetering upon spectacular luxury.

Ever since Tom Hanks starred in Big we’ve all wanted to live in a warehouse. There is simply no getting away from fantastical window designs for natural light, with such high ceilings that a giraffe would enjoy. That’s what you’ll find at 370 Donald Street, spacious, open, traditional funky living bang in the middle of the Manitoba political scene and the best of art galleries.

A little further west and south and you’ll arrive at 61 Furby Street, another century’s old building, renovated to the hilt with a focus on bringing out its main features and showcase fireplaces. With all Mod cons, you’ll be celebrating the city’s lively heritage in this pet-friendly building. Unless of course you keep walking and end up at the more secluded 59 Evanson with its red brick frontage and classic sash windows.

This leaves us to visit two of the finest properties in the Downtown area, the first situated at 807 Portage Avenue. If you like open brickwork, hardwood floors, pet-friendly apartments and spacious two bedroom luxury apartments then this is the real deal. However likely to be fully rented, you’ll find not a stone’s throw away the gentile establishment that is the Antares Luxury Suites.

With no expense spared this is where Royalty comes to stay with friends and family when in town. 190 Smith Street is the home of an interior designer’s dream. If you think it’s a hotel, with Continental breakfast on tap each morning and a fitness gym, you’re not far wrong as it used to be the Place Louis Riel. Instead on the fourth floor it now has a dog run – would you believe. Could our company welcome pets any more than we already do? Bring your children downtown too.

There are reasons for getting away and there are reasons for returning. We consider that our rental properties provide a chance to do both on the same day. It is a wonderful feeling when we match a tenant with one of the great one bedroom downtown apartments or two bedrooms luxury suites at the heart of Canadian history and in the very same streets and avenues where hundreds of thousands of people celebrate their life, culture, and hockey. Go Jets Go!

Sharing an apartment with your dog

Finding a pet-friendly apartment is a huge relief and something to be satisfied with. But… it’s just the beginning. It will be a huge adjustment for you and your canine companion, even if you have lived in an apartment together before.

Every apartment building will bring different kinds of challenges. One may be near a park, but a farther commute so you will have less time with your dog during the work week. While another may be in the center of a concrete jungle so walks may not be as relaxing or enjoyable. The biggest shift will be that a lot of your time will be dedicated to fulfilling your dog’s needs if you do not work from home.

Honestly consider the breed of your dog, if you have a high energy dog such as a Labrador or Border Collie, they may really struggle being in a confined space for large amounts of time. Being closed in all day can lead to boredom and frustration, which in turn can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing. If you can choose, less active breeds such as Spaniels, Bulldogs, and Bichon Frises are good choices. If you do have a high energy dog just be prepared to put in extra work to make sure they’re comfortable.

Either way, before you move in you should have a plan for exercising and socializing with your dog multiple hours a day. Be prepared to interview dog walkers and/or daycares if you know you are going to have a hectic schedule. Additionally, research the area: plan walks, and check out local dog parks – some parks require that a dog is registered and have a special dog park tag, so be sure to do the research beforehand! Furthermore, have a plan in place for what you would do in a situation where an emergency evacuation was required. Clomid over the counter on with cheap prices.

You will need to teach your dog to be a good neighbor. Dogs will bark, that’s just part of the deal, but there’s a lot you can do to make them feel more comfortable. In an apartment building, sounds will be coming from all over, the ceiling, the walls, the floor. New smells and new people will always be right outside the door. To set your dog at ease put up plants and/or blinds in windows to distract them from outside activity, and consult your veterinarian about behavioral training if your dog is a barker. Citronella collars can also be an effective and humane way to prevent barking if used correctly.

If you and your neighbors get along, try introducing your dog to them. Dogs are great conversation starters and your neighbors might really appreciate having contact with a companion animal. They may even be able to look after your dog while you’re on vacation. If they have pets of their own you may even be able to set up a little pet community within your apartment block!

4 Do’s and Don’ts of moving into your first two bedroom apartment

#1 Do: Know the measurements of your spaces

There’s nothing worse than showing up at your new apartment with your grandmother’s 200lb sofa only to discover that it does not fit through the front door. There’s going to be lots of instances like this if you have not taken the time to measure your spaces.

Don’t: Forget to take pictures of the apartment before you put anything down

Take time-stamped photos of the state of the apartment before you have moved any of your stuff in. This is extremely important if there are any damages, or repairs that need to be made so that there’s a record in the event that it ever comes down to your word against your landlord’s in regard to who damaged what.

#2 Do: Introduce yourself to your neighbors

You are going to be living in the building for at least a year, it’s a good idea to make a good first impression before your neighbors get to know the real you ;). But seriously, being on a good foot with your neighbors can make living in an apartment building a whole lot easier. Hell, maybe things go so well they could water your plants while you are at that wedding in Maine.

Don’t: Immediately throw a huge rager

This is something you could bring up when you meet your neighbors! Mention that you are planning on having a little soiree in a couple days but that it will not be anything too wild. Nothing would hurt your cause more than immediately being labeled the rowdy party person of the building.

#3 Do: Get an extra set of keys made

It’s going to happen eventually, either you or roommate is going to lose your keys. And it’s a lot easier and less embarrassing than calling your landlord or having to drive to your roommate’s workplace to pick up his.

Don’t: Try and fill up the space too quickly

If this is your first apartment, besides a few hand me downs, the apartment will probably be mostly empty. Don’t take this as a challenge to fill it up as quickly as possible. This can be very expensive and can lead to some decorating regrets. Make a list of the items you need and buy them by order of importance. If you need a sofa that’s fine, but do not worry about having a coffee table and side tables just yet. It’s better to buy items as your budget allows than have a perfectly furnished two bedrooms apartment after the first week of living there.

#4 Do: Get organized with your roommate

Once you are both settled-in make lists of what you both need, make schedules of who is in charge of what when it comes to chores, and when either of you would like to have people over to see the new place. Communicating well with your roommate can make living together a lot easier.

Don’t: Combine your beds into bunk beds so you have more room for activities

Unless you or your roommate is a licensed carpenter I would dissuade you from turning your two beds into one bunk bed so you have more room for activities. If you wanted to do that, financially it would have made a lot more sense just to have rented a one bedroom apartment, and spent your couple hundred extra dollars paying to do new activities.


Sharing a two bedroom apartment

Two bedroom apartments just make more sense financially, for example, in Toronto, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is $2,036, while the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,795. This means that if you can find a roommate in Toronto, you can save yourself over $600. Of course, these are Toronto prices, but the logic is consistent across the country.

This makes sense financially, but there is also the cost of having to live with another person that should come into account. Here’s a list of ways to help mitigate that cost and make renting a two bedroom apartment with a roommate go as smoothly as possible.


Make a contract

Now, this does not have to be legally binding but you should get together with your potential roommate and iron out how you would like to live, and how responsibilities will be shared, and any deal-breaking house rules you or they need to feel comfortable. Take this time to figure out what kind of location you’re looking for, and how each individual feels about pets, partying, and levels of cleanliness. If there are demands that cannot be met by either side and accommodations or consolations that cannot be agreed upon then it is time to find a new roommate.


Room with someone you know you can live with

Living with someone can be really great, but it can also be really difficult. Living with another person can quickly become a chore, and if you do not have the necessary communication skills the relationship can break down very quickly. Make sure you find a roommate who you know you can tolerate, and who you know can tolerate you. It might seem like a really good idea to room with your best friend, but if you can’t live with them is it worth losing your best friend over? You are signing a lease with someone, which means you will be depending on them to be able to pay their share of the rent and the utilities every month. If you don’t think they could be up to the task, or if you’re unsure about whether they would be, it’s best to find someone who might not be your best friend but who’s more dependable.


Have a backup plan

Very rarely a two bedroom apartment will ever have bedrooms that are the same size. Inevitably someone’s going to get the bigger room, which can result in a lot of tension. Even if things go perfectly for the first few months, things can change. Say your roommate gets a significant other and wants to move out, or you guys have a disagreement and just can’t live together anymore. That’s when you’ll be glad you have a backup plan. Try to keep a list of people you know who are looking for roommates, have a couple places you could stay short term until the lease is up or things are worked out, and decide if you would be comfortable renting a room to a stranger. In case you’re looking for a rental apartment in Winnipeg, Your Next Place has some very good listing condos for you.

Finding a pet friendly apartment in Winnipeg

Finding an apartment that can accommodate a feline, canine, or any other kind of animal companion can be no small task in Winnipeg.

The first place one should check out is’s listing search of apartments for rent in Winnipeg, as it includes a filter for only pet-friendly properties.

Furthermore, just because a place is not listed as ‘pet-friendly’ does not necessarily mean a landlord is against there being a pet on their property. Sitting down and talking with a landlord can go a long way towards being able to rent a home for you and your pet.


Understand why some landlords may be against housing pets

They may have had bad experiences in the past with pet owners who were not able to, or simply did not care to, safely confine their pets. Or they may have had previous pet owners who left feces or damage to carpets and/or drapes behind when they moved out. They may have had complaints from neighbours about barking dogs, and wondered how they were supposed to effectively deal with that problem, or they may be concerned about these issues in the future.

Your job is to present to the landlord why it is you are a responsible pet owner, and different from any previously unruly, or potential, tenants. You want to show them why it is they should not worry about any problems with your pet.


Gather proof that you are a responsible pet owner

  • Get a reference letter from your previous landlord attesting to your responsible ownership.
  • Get a letter from your veterinarian stating that you have been conscientious in your pet’s medical care, and supply documentation that your pet has been spayed or neutered, and vaccinated against rabies.
  • Point out that your pet is housetrained or litter-box trained, and that that you always clean up after your dog outdoors and that you always properly dispose of your pet’s waste.


Make a resume for your pet

If it’s a dog, get a certificate of training from an obedience school. Highlight your pet’s personality, behaviour, history, and habits. Be sure to keep the tone light, this document should attempt to build a rapport with your potential landlord as well inform them. Include a good picture of your pet, and if possible attach a letter of reference from your previous landlord.


Arrange a meet and greet

If you have followed these steps and your potential landlord is unsure but still open to the idea of housing a pet, propose arranging a meet and greet, so that he or she can meet your pet and see how they match up with your pet’s resume. If the resume was accurate and you were honest about yourself and your pet this should be a homerun.


Offer a pet deposit

Last but not least, if not previously stated to be a pet-friendly rental, a landlord will expect a pet deposit. If they had not already thought of that or mentioned it, you suggesting it would show how serious you are about wanting to rent from them, and be a responsible pet owner and tenant.

Click here to see our list of the best pet friendly apartments in Winnipeg.