Going South of Winnipeg’s Downtown – 481 Corydon

Ah, the Village. A spot you used to just pass through on your way from the south of the city to downtown, the area has become a hub of culture and nightlife in Winnipeg. The growth of the area’s influence is notable, and now many of the cities finest shops and restaurants can be found here; at one time the streets were barren on weekends, where now people can be found bustling about on a Friday at 2 in the morning, looking for a slice from Little Pizza Heaven.


The success story of this area really is remarkable; it’s full of local shops that drive culture. There’s incredible diversity of goods and services here; tattoo parlours, health shops, vintage clothing stores, and loose tea vendors. The variety is inclusive, and you’ll feel welcome in any of these shops. Winnipeg staples like Into the Music and Wild Planet make their homes here, and new up-and-comers are always hustling to make a name for themselves in the Village’s constantly changing scene.


The restaurants in the Village reflect Winnipeg’s incredible mosaic of cultures; you can find Italian, sushi, Thai, Mexican, crepes, waffles, burgers, whatever you like! There are fancy restaurants like Segovia for when you’re feeling ritzy and the classic Spicy Noodle House for incredible peanut noodle soup. These spots all stay open late on weekends to accommodate the bar scene, so you’ll be sure to find something tasty on even the latest of nights.


Things are always happening in the Village, so you won’t get bored. Canada Day out here is one of the most exciting parties in the city. People are always gathering in the Village, so you’ll meet new friends on the regular. You can do yoga, go to the spa and get a haircut, all in the same few blocks of the neighborhood. Once your invigorating day is done, get out for a night on the town; you can grab a martini, go to the Toad’s Whisky Bar for what might just be the best Old Fashioned in the city, or enjoy the view from Upstairs.


When going out for a drink seems like a bit much, you can enjoy the stunning walks around the Village. Take a stroll to the Legislative Building and bask in the beauty of the grounds there. A hike down the river path, towards or away from the Forks, is bound to be a wonderful adventure, day or night.


481 Corydon is one of the best Winnipeg apartments because it’s so close to the Village; just a quick walk away. The apartment is right at Confusion Corner, so it’s just as easy to get to one of Corydon’s amazing Italian restaurant or to grab Rapid Transit down Pembina to the University. The pet-friendly apartment is a great spot for your furry friends; you can take them walking through the Village with you, or down one of the river paths. Culture, amenities, affordability, and access make this spot an incredible place to live.



Mar Joy – You should consider living in North Kildonan

Life is all about joy. We find it in the little moments, the spaces between; a scent brings back a memory, a sunset ignites our passion, a slow walk by the riverside reminds us that we’re here, in the now, and we wonder what else we could possibly need. Between the hustle and bustle of daily life, we find ourselves at home with family and friends, indulging in the beauty of each other’s company. There’s the joy to be found in just about everything, and you’ll find it at Mar Joy, an apartment for those who appreciate the little things as much as the big.

Located in beautiful North Kildonan, just off of Henderson Highway, Mar Joy is a place for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of urban life as much as a quiet walk down the river. Down the street from your apartment is The Bake Oven, a bakery originally opened by Dutch immigrants in 1951, where the smell is enough to make even the pickiest eater drool. Walking in the other direction, you’ll reach Henderson in a jiffy, where myriad shops await you. Florists, bookstores, butchers, collectibles and sporting goods are all just blocks away, so no matter what your passions are you’ll be well-serviced.

You might find joy in a night on the town; this neighborhood is the perfect spot for you. You’ll find sushi, Chinese food, tacos, pizza, sandwiches, breakfast and coffee near enough to trek by foot in the wintertime. Nearby, there are even more restaurants; Indian food to heat you up on a cold day, and cold brews to keep the summer vibes going all year long.

Being so close to Henderson, all the urban amenities are at your doorstep: banks, convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and grocers are all available. A nearby gym will help you keep in shape, while tanning and cosmetics are within arm’s reach. Taking care of your health is easy at Mar Joy, with doctors, optometrists, and dentists all conveniently located on the main drag.

The joys of urban life give way to the joys of tranquility; the Red River is within walking distance, and there are trails and parks enough to satisfy the most avid walkers. Children bring joy; there are schools nearby, from elementary to high school, and daycares ready to help them learn and grow.

Getting to and from wherever you work is simple; the area is well connected by bus routes, and Chief Peguis alleviates the flow of traffic to the area. Work or play downtown is easy to reach.

Your apartment at Mar Joy is beautiful; the fixtures, countertops, and stove are all modern and stylish, so you’ll find joy every time you walk into your home. With balconies, ample storage and a dishwater, enjoying your home will be a breeze; your cat is more than welcome to stay with you; bundles of joy and Mar Joy work perfectly together. Secure entry means that worry isn’t going to interrupt your zen; find your joy at Mar Joy.

Parklands Square – How is it to live in the quiet residential area of River West Park

There’s something thrilling about living on the edge; flanked by the country on one side, and the hustle and bustle of the city on the other. Perfectly balanced in between the two is Parklands Square, an apartment for those who want to live a charmed, suburban life. Wildlife emerges from the nearby forests and wetlands, while down the street a bus has dropped off weary travelers from downtown. This is your place.

The name of this beautiful complex is no coincidence; the area is surrounded by beautiful trees and plenty of parks. From here, you can take a leisurely walk through Beaverdam Creek Park through Beauchemin Park to take a stroll down the Assiniboine River. Nearby trails take you through prairies, forest, and riverland; the bold might even try the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail, leading down an abandoned CN railway to Beaudry Park, outside the city limits. The peace and tranquility of the suburbs with the rugged beauty of Manitoba’s outdoors are all at your fingertips. The place is a golfer’s paradise, too, with St. Charles and Glendale Country Clubs only a short drive away.

There are creature comforts, of course. You’ll find grocers within walking distance of your home, as well as pharmacies and convenience stores. The area is well serviced by express bus routes, so if you don’t feel like driving it’s easy to get downtown. There are doctors and dentists within walking distance, so medical appointments are a breeze to get to. Pizza, chinese food and sushi are all right outside your door, for when you want to spend a night out with family while staying close to home. There’s a bar and a liquor mart within a few blocks, perfect when you want to relax and unwind after a hard day of work or play. There’s also a gas station, a bank and a post office a quick jaunt away; all the modern staples of convenience are at your fingertips in this idyllic, semi-rural environment. You’ll feel like you’ve left the hustle and bustle behind, but kept all of the convenience.

The neighborhood is perfect for kids, too. Nearby schools will keep them in the neighborhood, and community centres will give them a chance to play sports, find their artistic side and hang out with new friends. The Charleswood Library is a perfect spot for readers young and old to find a new favorite book, and nearby daycares will look after the little ones on your busier days. When the summer heat has got you down, take your family to the Westdale Pool and enjoy the cool water.

When the day is done, you’ll come home to your tranquil retreat in Parklands Square. Enjoy the sunset from your private balcony while your laundry and dishes wash in-suite. Spacious and convenient with a gorgeous view, this urban retreat is a place you’ll be more than glad to call your home.


Keller Tower – Living in Winnipeg St. James

 “Quelle heure est-il” is French for “what time is it?”, a question you might find yourself asking after another blissful evening in Keller Towers. Time passes quickly when you’re enjoying yourself, and in this modern, luxurious apartment, there’s nothing to do but luxuriate, appreciating the beauty and comfort of your home. From the balcony views of the Assiniboine River to the easy access to Portage Highway, this newly renovated building in the heart of St. James truly has it all.

One of the first suburbs of Winnipeg, St. James has been developed rapidly since the early 1900s. The neighborhood is home to some of Winnipeg’s classic hotspots; Sargent Sundae, the Silver Heights diner, and Santa Lucia pizza are all nearby. Joe Black’s Coffee Bar is nearby for your early morning pick-me-up, and High Tea Bakery has customizable cookies and pastries suitable for a classy event, or even your afternoon stroll.

Picturesque parks and landmarks are a staple of the area; you can feel the history in the air. The Assiniboine flows through many of them; Birchwood and Woodhaven Park are fed by the river, and scenic Grant’s Old Mill is near a plethora of walking trails for hiking enthusiasts. You can’t talk about St. James without mentioning gorgeous Assiniboine Park, easily reached by a footbridge crossing a few blocks from the Towers. Walk through the incredible Sculpture Gardens, enjoy a show at the Lyric Theatre, and take your family to see the diverse, breathtaking wildlife at the Zoo. Those who love the outdoors will find themselves well-serviced by this awe-inspiring neighborhood. Interested in picking up a fun new hobby? Walk down the street to Heights Archery range, and enjoy some target practice with a real bow and arrow.

Love a night out with your friends? Keller Towers is the place to be. Grab a steak at The Keg, enjoy sushi at INGKO, and stop for a brew at Underdogs; all within blocks of your home. From here, it’s easy to catch up bus down Portage to catch a Jets game and enjoy the downtown or go for a shopping spree at nearby Polo Park, the city’s biggest mall.

Convenience is key to great urban living, and the Towers are near all the amenities you could need. There are plenty of schools and daycares nearby for the young ones, so it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. Chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, optometrists, and dentists are all close to home, so whatever your medical needs, the neighborhood can accommodate you. Grocers nearby make picking up food a breeze, and gas stations and convenience stores will keep you stocked on the essentials.

The amenities within your suite are as wonderful and diverse as the ones outside; in-suite laundry, dishwasher and air conditioning will make your chores both easy and comfortable. Modern, chic appliances add to your home’s incredible aesthetic. You might not be able to call your house a home without your furry bundle of joy; Keller Towers is more than willing to accommodate your pet. Qu’elle heure est-il? Time to luxuriate; time for Keller Towers.



370 Donald – Living Close to Winnipeg Exchange District

In 1905, prolific architect Herbert Matthews was contracted to build Weldon Block on Donald Street in Winnipeg. Matthews’ style was heavily influenced by his work with New York City architect Charles Haight, who focused mostly on ecclesiastical and educational building. His style was grand, with Romanesque and Victorian influences; high cleanings, huge windows and beautiful, wooden floors. Weldon Block has been updated, repurposed to create one of the most stunning living spaces in Winnipeg, a blend of historic and ultra-modern: 370 Donald.

Live here, live in the heart of the city. You are minutes away from the MTS Centre and the Exchange District; when it’s time for a night on the town, you’re already in it. The most incredible restaurants in the city are at your fingertips; Deer and Almond, Peasant Cookery, Clementine, Shawarma Khan, Carnaval, Cibo; the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder these restaurateurs have decided to make their home so near to yours; the area is steeped in culture, with large, turn of the 20th century brick buildings adorned with old paint-on advertisements inspiring creativity and curiosity. There are bars and pubs aplenty in the area; Yellow Dog, one of this writer’s personal favorites, is right across the street.

Shops for every hobby imaginable are at your fingertips; comic book shops, vintage clothing stores, bookstores, and the ever-classic Toad Hall Toys are all walking distance from your home. Two of the cities malls, Portage Place and CityPlace, are right nearby, so shopping is an absolute breeze; when it’s cold, take the SkyWalk between amenities, and keep comfy as you go.

There are so many attractions near this incredible location that it would be impossible to list them all without flooding the place with tourists. Several museums are nearby, including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canada’s only National Museum outside of the Capital Region. The Winnipeg Art Gallery is close by, hosting a striking collection of classic and modern art. The Forks is a quick walk away, and access to its various markets, food, beer, and cultural activities comes easy.

Students will find this location too good to pass up on; it’s walking distance to the University of Winnipeg and Red River College, and you’ll be sure to be the envy of your classmates. The Millenium Library, Winnipeg’s largest library, with its incredible architecture, is just down the street. Working downtown is just as nice, with many of Winnipeg’s most influential businesses blocks away from where you’ll stay.

The proximity to some of the greatest neighborhoods in the city is another point in favour of this space; there’s a reason it’s called the heart of the city. The Exchange, and beautiful Waterfront Drive are nearby; it’s a quick hop over the Esplanade Riel to Saint-Boniface, and Osborne and the Legislative Building are easy to reach. Anywhere else you want to go, you’ll be able to; bus service to this area is the best in the city.

You’ll find yourself in awe of 370 Donald; this space is near everything you could want, and the old building has been updated with style. Keeping its incredible brick face and wood floors, every suite has a dishwasher, and there’s laundry on every floor. There’s a fitness facility on site, so if you don’t want to work out in the cold, you don’t need to. 370 Donald even accepts pets, so you won’t have to leave your furry friend behind when you go on the endless adventures that await you. 370 Donald is the place to be at the heart of the city.

Moving to South Winnipeg – The Spot at Pembina

You know The Spot. The Spot that’s your little place in the city, where you can take your friends or your date, the vibe vivacious or intimate, but perfect every time. The Spot is just right any time of day; you can have lunch there, or a late dinner; casual drinks with friends are a must, here. You know The Spot is very exclusive, but you’re always welcome, and you always see your favorite people there. Your friends always tell you they wish they had a spot like The Spot where they could take people who want to be at the place to be.

It’s almost a shame The Spot is so exclusive because it has an incredible view; late at night, stars shining above as you look around at the people passing below, walking through the beautiful parks and taking in the nightlife. All the amenities are here; because it’s so exclusive, you have your own code to get in, like the speakeasies of old. The WiFi is perfect at The Spot, so if you want to check where to go next, you can pull out your phone and keep the good times rolling. No matter how cold it is outside, you’ll be driving in style when you leave; you’ve got an indoor parking stall with your name on it. There’s nothing like knowing The Spot.

The location is incredible; you learned about it while you were in school because it’s so close to the University. Your friends who are students can make it down after class for a good time; when you’ve had a drink or two, you can head down to one of the many restaurants nearby, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Asian Fusion alongside wings, pizza, fast food and coffee shops. You might stop by the nearby grocery store instead, feeling creative, to have a picnic at one of the many parks that’s located so near The Spot; every night feels like a new adventure.

You don’t know how they manage it, but The Spot is great for kids, too; even though it’s exclusive and well-maintained, kids love it. It’s close to schools, libraries, and daycares, so if you have kids it will be easy for them to make it from wherever they are to spend some quality time with you. After hanging out for a while, you might take them down to the creek for a nice walk, or to play catch, soccer or frisbee.

The Spot is even pet-friendly; you’ve taken Buddy in and he’s been more than welcome every time. You’re still amazed to this day you found a place so welcoming and warm, so sophisticated and charming, so well-located yet exclusive. The Spot seems like a place that’s just yours, and you like it that way; every time you make a new friend, or an old one comes into town, you take them to it right away.

Looking for new apartments? You know The Spot. Now live there.