Best Small Critters for Apartment living

It’s no longer just about cats and dogs. If you live in a rented house, you might want to consider other alternatives such as the critters; they are smaller in size, less noisy and more suitable for apartment living. But even as you consider small pets, there are many adorable tiny options that may leave you wondering: ″should our new addition have fins or fur?″  This article will walk you through the best small critters that will reward you and your family with compassionate ease.

Hamsters, sometimes called pocket pets due to their small size, have been around since the 1930s and have since gained popularity among many homeowners. Because of their nocturnal nature, these easy-to-care-for pets are great when you have children 8 years and above. There are different breeds of hamsters with the common ones being the golden hamster and the Roborovski dwarf hamster. While the former can grow up to 7 inches, the latter is only 2 inches in length. To keep them healthy, hamsters’ diet should include commercial pellets, occasional treats of fruits and vegetables, cheese and fresh water. Wondering how to house one? There are a variety hamster cage options available online and pet stores.

If you’re looking for a playmate for your children, there are few pets as playful as ferrets. With their mischievous eyes, sweet faces, and curious nature, ferrets are undeniably adorable. Although some ferrets live up to 12 years, most live for about 6 to 8 years so they’ll make a sweet long-term pet. When living in an apartment, you want a pet that makes as little noise as possible and ferrets fit in this equation perfectly.  For the most part, ferrets are very quiet and will only vocalize when frightened or injured. For their feeding needs, you will find pre-made ferrets foods in most pet stores or online. If you prefer a calmer yet furrier friend for your children, opt for a rabbit. Rabbits have a strange mix of cat- and dog-like qualities. They can be as silly and playful as kittens or puppies, and as fascinating as cats or as openly affectionate as dogs.

In the world of keeping pets, cats are usually more common than dogs, but fish rules over them both. Often apartment building “no pet” rules don’t apply to fish, thanks to their quiet nature and their ability to be confined. Fish have a minimal space requirement and even those living in a small apartment can afford some space for a mini-aquarium. Apart from their aesthetics benefits, fish has been known to have a positive impact on the health of the owner. Just watching fish swim in the aquarium can lower stress and blood pressure in adults. Moreover, children who have hyperactivity disorder can also benefit from the calm swirls of the fish. Even more startling, patients of Alzheimer’s disease recorded improved appetite and reduced violent outbursts after watching aquariums.

If you’re not a cat or dog lover, you now know there are many other pet alternatives to choose from. Whatever your choice of pet, of importance, is to get as much information about the pet as possible. For more information on pet friendly apartments for rent contact Your Next Place today!