What to Look for When Choosing a Pet-Friendly Apartment

The vast majority of people consider their pet to be a part of the family. In fact, over 95 percent of people believe that their dog or cat is just as important to them as a human family member. It makes sense then that we would prioritize our pet when it comes to finding the perfect apartment for our family. You need to find the perfect area that is going to be pet-friendly, but what does that really mean?

Many people are desperate to do what is best for their beloved pets when they make a major move, but they don’t know what to look for. Here are a few of the attributes you will need to find in a new apartment to ensure that it is going to be a good fit for your furry friend.

Places to Walk

Your dog likely needs time to burn off their excess energy every single day. In the confines of an apartment, you aren’t likely to find that playing a few rounds of fetch will do the trick. Instead, you are going to need to take your pup for a nice long walk each evening when you get home from work. Make sure that your new apartment complex has plenty of places for you to walk so that things never get too boring.

When wintertime comes and the days are much shorter, it might already be dark by the time you get off work. Look around for street lights or come back at night to see how well-lit your potential apartment complex will be. This can allow for much safer walks in the dark, even though it isn’t quite nighttime yet.

Dog Parks or Fenced-in Areas

Sometimes, your dog just needs a little time to roam free with other pets. Look for fenced-in areas or designated dog parks where you can play fetch on a Saturday afternoon. These spaces are becoming more common in apartment complexes that are considered to be very pet-friendly. Of course, you will want to ensure that there are rules in place for the dogs who visit. Check with the apartment complex to inquire about required vaccinations and rules for the dog park on premises.

Distance to Amenities

You and your dog might want to get out and explore the town a little bit when things grow boring at home. Check around to find out what sort of amenities are nearby that you could explore together. Look for local parks, bigger dog parks, and hiking trails that will keep you both happy and active. You may even search for swimming areas where you and your pup could go for a short swim!

Finding the right pet-friendly apartment doesn’t have to be extremely difficult, but you do have to know what you want. By searching for a few of these basic features, you can create a home for you and your furry friend that you will love. Your Next Place can help you find plenty of pet-friendly apartments for rent!

Growing Your Family And Preparing For The Future?

At some point in our lives, we have each lived in a place that is too small, too big, too crowded or even too lonely or simply outgrown its use. There are even older people that have only just discovered the wonders of renting and are still finding these things out.

With one year leases, you are able to fit into a working lifestyle that suits you and that’s why Your Next Place has an emphasis on finding the correct property for you. Should that be one of our luxury 3 bedroom apartments for flat share students, working professionals in the city or couples looking to expand their family and offer older children more space to live, we are all too happy to provide guided tours around apartments with enough room for your child’s sleepovers, your own dinner parties and even room for a dog or two.

Who Lives In A Three Bedroom Apartment?

A three bedroom residence is a significant property to maintain by anyone’s standards, it is also a significant percentage of the average national salary. The answer to which people may well live in such a luxurious establishment may well be sitting in the chair reading this. A single person would be hard pushed to find a reason for three bedrooms, for the simple reason that this amount of bedroom space adds quality on to every other living space in the apartment.

There are not many houses, apartments or condos with this many bedrooms without taking into account the additional room needed for that many people in each of the other rooms. There may well be a main bedroom with en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet, there may be first and second bathrooms also, a main with bath and one with toilet and walk-in shower. It’s a busy place with facilities needing to be used by multiple people at peak times.

Additionally, the kitchen could be seriously large with a central island to enable either a bigger food preparation surface area or a seating arrangement for a family which is fantastic for that all important time together. The kitchen could sprawl out on to a dining space which would overlook a balcony or terraced area with further seating outside for overspill and to enjoy Breakfast or Dinner externally.

Hallways would be enlarged to fit the extra thoroughfare capacity and the living room may well be dissected into one large area for television and entertainment, with a side Den for other activities. Not all bedrooms need to be furnished, in fact, many managed facilities can remove furniture upon request. In such instances where only two bedrooms are needed, perhaps two adults, an older child and one baby or twins on their way, a nursery could fit in the smaller third.

When A Three Bedroom Apartment Becomes Home

With over 1200 square feet of space, you will probably discover a utility room with in-suite laundry with enough capacity for the people in the apartment. Lobbies may be larger and there may well be entrance ways at every exit, both to the main building and or gardens, terraces or balconies. It’s not unknown for such large multiple roomed apartments to be used by students, however, cost is a key.

Colleagues sharing a central apartment as part of a professional lifestyle, while enjoying the benefits of a large household and splitting bill payments could be ideal for some. How to order Tadalafil 20 mg learn more about this. Students studying may also find it advantageous, however, at the premium end, some of the bills may start to mount up if not without financial assistance from the bank of Mum and Dad.

Outside of any monthly rental payments either paid by the main leaseholder or across all residents, the utilities need paying, on top of any monthly maintenance fees for the apartment block, housing estate, condo upkeep or car parking spaces allocated for use by tenants. Electricity, gas, and water can rocket in such a large household. Consider heating during the winter, air conditioning in the Summer and water usage across laundry and bathroom use.

Mums and Dads are probably the target interest of this sized property. A secure building which is maintained professionally by our company provides for the perfect area for children to grow up. Secure and safe neighborhoods where the school is within walking distance – or at the very least a short drive away, and there are facilities on hand to cater for children playing locally, shops and centres of entertainment where older children can be let loose on the community.

Save A Little Here To Spend A Little There

Occasionally it is worthwhile expending a little cash flow for that additional bedroom which is slightly large in all areas than a two bedroom with Den and could enable guests to be catered for. Such as your newborn’s grandparents – a handy pair of child carer’s when you want time for yourself. Or indeed a live-in Nanny, cook, and cleaner. It’s not unusual for large properties to have live-in staff, it’s been the norm for centuries.

Desirable properties allow for all dreams to be met at a personal level should no expense be spared or even if a little bit extra is spent on attaining the type of lifestyle you, your partner and your family wish to enjoy. That’s why Your Next Place has curated a fine blend of new 3 bedroom apartments that are both affordable to families and luxurious where demand is appreciative of the splendor such properties can offer.

For a list of 3 bedroom apartments click here

The Benefits of Moving into a New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting time filled with cardboard boxes, buckets of cleaners, and hot pizzas. You get the opportunity to sort through all of your things, clean up a new space, and more. Most people hate the physical act of moving but love the overall benefits that this change in scenery can provide. After all, there are some real benefits to being a serial mover and changing apartments every year or two.

If you aren’t sure what you can gain from moving into a new apartment, here are just a few of the many benefits of moving.

Explore the City Again

Even if you move to a new apartment in the same city, you’re bound to see things you never noticed before. Maybe there is a cute little coffee shop on the corner or a used bookstore just two blocks away. You may even find hidden gems like well-stocked consignment stores and shopping boutiques. A change in perspective and scenery can help you to enjoy the city that you already know and love.


The best part of moving into a new apartment is having the opportunity to clean it from top to bottom before your stuff gets in the way. Deep cleaning the place before you officially move in is important so that you can start with a clean slate. This makes it much simpler to keep things clean moving forward.


Are you really interested in packing up each and every one of your belongings? Placing all of your things into boxes usually forces most people to consider which items they actually love. Moving into a new apartment is a great way to help you declutter your space. Donate the items you don’t want anymore before you move so that your new apartment doesn’t fall victim to the overload of items.

Refresh Your Décor

One of the best aspects of moving into a new apartment is the way it can revive your old belongings. In your last apartment, your couch might have seemed completely lifeless but it might be the centerpiece of your new living room. All of your furniture and décor is bound to look different and completely new in this new space. After all, you will have a different layout and different lighting. On the other hand, you might use this move as an excuse to purchase new décor that better suits your decorating style.

New Friends

Get ready to meet all new people in your building and make some new friends. You may still find a few people that are hard to get along with, but you are destined to make some great friends too. While you will be leaving some friends behind in your old building, your friend circle is going to become a whole lot bigger.

Are you convinced that the benefits that come from moving into a new apartment are real? Make sure to contact Your Next Place to find apartments for rent in the Winnipeg area. We can help you find premium spaces that will be perfect for your new home.

Trendy Décor Ideas for Your Studio

Studio apartments are a chic and budget-friendly way to find the perfect living arrangements in a desirable part of town. These miniature apartments can range anywhere from a measly 300 square feet to a more spacious size of 600 square feet. With such a small size, decorating your studio can feel overwhelming and difficult. You don’t have much room for ornate decorations and you must use space wisely. Where do you get started when it comes to your sense of style for home décor?

Getting started can be the hardest part of making your studio apartment feel like home. Here are a few trendy ideas to help you make the most of your space in style!

Switch your bed out for a day bed

Are you interested in saving some serious space? You can get more practical use out of your sleeping arrangements by choosing a daybed instead of a traditional bed. During the day, it can serve as seating with colorful throw pillows. The best part is that you may not even have to purchase all new furniture. Push your current bed against the wall and drape it with a flowing comforter that reaches the floor. Add a few couch throw pillows and you’re finished!

Utilize your wall space

Don’t let those walls go without functional decorations. Hang plenty of wall shelves to store your books and trinket items. They are less likely to get damaged in your hustle and bustle when they are perched along the walls. You can use shelves to store excess clothes, shoes, dishes, and more. Get creative with the things you can store on these shelves.

Find some bold pieces to liven up the space

Do you think that you can’t have anything bold because your space is too small? Many studio apartment dwellers shy away from bold pieces of furniture, ornate antiques, and graphic wallpapers because they don’t know how it will look. However, these items can truly tie an entire room together. Look for pieces that speak to you and then give them a place of honor in your small space.

Separate your spaces

You can create the illusion of having more than one room by defining your spaces. This takes away from the feeling of a studio apartment and transforms into a more traditional setting. Creativity will play a huge role in how you can divide your space. Some people prefer to use curtains to hide their bed away during the day. Others like to choose functional items like bookshelves to surround their bed and make it feel more enclosed. Consider what items might fit best in your space to start to create separate areas.

Decorating a studio apartment can prove challenging for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t be afraid to choose bold pieces that you love and work them into the space. If you’re ready to find your next studio, Your Next Place can help you find the perfect well-located apartments for rent!

Finding a Two-Bedroom Apartment in Winnipeg

Finding the perfect apartment can feel like an elusive dream. You might search through the newspaper for advertisements, scour the internet, and drive around the local neighborhoods looking for availabilities. The right two-bedroom apartment for you does exist – if you know where to look and what you need. Before you can decide on an apartment, you have to know which features are the most important to you. This can help you narrow down the search field and make things a little more accessible for you.

Are you still unsure what to look for in a two-bedroom apartment in Winnipeg? Here are just a few of the top qualities that renters just like you are hoping to find.


How far are you willing to drive to get to work in the mornings? Most people only want to spend a half-hour in their car or less to get to all of their favorite destinations. Before you settle on the perfect apartment across town, you need to consider how far you will be driving to get to your favorite Mexican restaurant, your best friend’s house, and even your place of work. A car ride that feels like forever is going to become frustrating rather quickly. Be sure to map out how far your new apartment is from a grocery store, any local amenities you visit frequently, and your job.


Sure, you may not have a dog right now, but what if you want to get one this year? Looking for an apartment that is pet-friendly gives you the option of purchasing a furry companion during your lease. Look for apartment complexes that have plenty of green space, a dog park, and trails that allow you to take your new pup for a walk. Inside the apartment, make sure you have enough space for a four-legged friend to roam. You should also check to see what their pet deposit is to make sure that it is something you can afford.

Floor Plan

Are you going to be sharing your two-bedroom apartment with a roommate or a child? You may want to consider the unique living arrangements that you will need if you happen to be sharing your apartment with another person. For example, you might prefer the bedrooms to be on opposite sides of the apartment if you have a roommate. If your other tenant is a newborn, you might prefer bedrooms that are right next to each other to make those late-night feedings a little more tolerable. Consider your own unique needs in terms of floor plan before you make a final decision.

When you’re ready to find the perfect two-bedroom apartment in Winnipeg, you need to keep these attributes in mind. Prioritize what is going to be the most important to you before you even begin to look for new places. Once you know what you want, be sure to visit Your Next Place for a carefully curated list of two-bedroom apartments in Winnipeg that will be perfect for you!

Choosing the Right Apartment for Your Family

Some people love their current apartment while others loathe their living situation. What is the difference between these two groups of people? You might think that some simply aren’t cut out for apartment living, but we would argue that they didn’t understand how to choose the right apartment to suit their needs. You have to consider more than just the aesthetics of a floor plan or building before you sign on the dotted line of a rental agreement.

Currently, more than 15 percent of Canada’s population resides in an apartment. If you are in this great percentage, it’s time for you to learn how to choose an apartment that you and your family are going to love. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect apartment.


The first reason that many families come to resent their apartment is that it is too far from all of their usual destinations. Consider the drive that will be required for you to go to work, drive your children to school, or head to the grocery store. Decide on the distance that you are willing to drive before you go apartment shopping. This can help to narrow your search field and make sure that your new abode is going to be convenient for you long-term.


How much space does your family actually need? Many people are tempted to try to squeeze all of their belongings into the smallest apartment. Unfortunately, you may need to rethink getting a two-bedroom space if you have three children with lots of toys. Practically evaluate how much space you need before you start looking at new living arrangements. You may even want to consider how many square feet you need to store all of your belongings currently.


Everyone wants their family to be safe from dangerous events, but few people think to check the crime in a given area. Always be certain to investigate whether your new apartment is located in a crime-ridden part of town. If you have children, you may not want to raise them around violence and frequent break-ins. This may not bode well for what sort of school they will attend either.


Last but not least, you have to consider how much an apartment costs and whether you can afford it. You don’t want to find the perfect apartment only to realize that it is well out of your budget. I was looking for the site where I could buy Levitra and found it at at good price and fast delivery. Sit down with your current finances and evaluate how much you can reasonably spend on your new living arrangements. This will give you a better starting point for finding the right apartment for your family.

At Your Next Place, we are dedicated to helping you find the right living arrangements for your lifestyle and family. Allow us to help you find luxury apartments to fit your family with our convenient search options and carefully curated collection of available properties. Give us a call today to receive one-on-one assistance with finding your dream apartment!