Apartments for Rent in South Winnipeg

Do you know your Ritchot from your Linden Ridge? Are you looking for apartment rentals in proximity to best schools, shops, and parks? It’s time to discover South Winnipeg and unearth your new rental home.

When it comes to discovering the area around your chosen location to live, Your Next Place can be your first port of call when seeking out not only apartments for rent in Winnipeg south, but also affordable properties for rent with a luxurious tilt.

Condos, houses, apartments , lofts and bachelor studios that lend their way to being positioned next to fantastic golf clubs, beautiful parks, serene river scenes and of course for you, your partner and family, the best schools, the best entertainment spots and a locality that offers what you need all around the clock.

Where Exactly Is The Winnipeg South Location?

As residents of our own cities and towns, we find it easy to get around but it’s not always simple to declare where you herald from. Typically the masses are at odds with their own politicians and councilors in that while an area may be split into community areas, neighborhoods and wards and neighborhood clusters, most of us like a good old fashioned four points compass. “I’m renting in Winnipeg South!”

Being fashionably on point we’re going to tell you exactly which property rentals you can find on precisely which street if you choose to reside in the south-east of Winnipeg, and what you’re likely to find and have access to. From top center and following the Red River, we begin at Bishop Grandin Boulevard, continuing across Novavista Drive and down St Anne’s Road. At no point does the east side cross the boundary of the Seine River.

Traveling further down past the Trans-Canada Highway 100, and over the Red River Floodway you’ll take a sharp left into the triangle route of Prairie Grove Road and Four Mile Road. The Southernmost area under Vermette takes in Hallama Drive, but not into Manitoba Highway 59. With Schapansky Road to the right and traveling from the St. Vital ward into South Winnipeg – St. Norbet, you’ll be in the country wilds of Turnbull Drive and Perrault having once again crossed the Red River.

Navigating the La Salle River, the Western most point is Waverly Street and Rue Des Trappistes and La Barriere. Then north via Kenastone Boulevard with Eagleview Road and Appleford Gate being the Easternmost border housing estates. Continue north up Brady Road, turn down McGillivray and back on to McCreary Road to be back in Winnipeg South. The northernmost tip is found up Highway 90 and Wilkes Street to the junction of Bishop Grandin Boulevard. Everything in-between is true Winnipeg South territory. Your new home.

What Can Be Found Within The Winnipeg South Boundaries?

Satellite navigation systems are our hero when moving into a new neighborhood but there’s little point relocating if you don’t know which amenities, features, landmarks and what other people’s reasons are for becoming a resident here. Charleswood, Tuxedo, and Whiteridge in the north, South Winnipeg – St. Norbert in the middle and St. Vital to the South East there is a wide range of well known and sought after locations that make luxury rental apartments in this area a worthwhile prospect.

Any new tenant looking to bring up a family will be concerned with education, it may yet be a few years away but bang in the centre you’ll find the University of Manitoba, amongst other nearby notable schools and of course Winnipeg University too. I don’t know about you but when it comes to renting affordable apartments, furnishings of a similar nature bode well. Ladies and Gentlemen, the world of Ikea is on your doorstep.

With shopping malls such as Seasons, St. Vital Centre or pop down to St. Norbert Farmer’s market and the Real Canadian Superstore, your every whim is catered for no matter where you seek supplies in the capital of Manitoba province.

As for entertainment, there are an array of public houses and cafes dotted around but essential you are far away from the central area of Winnipeg to enjoy a rural lifestyle but a short drive or hope on transport to be in the midst of  a wild evening out or a night at the ballet or opera or even “Go Jets!”

St Vital Park, Assiniboine Forest and Zoo (great for the Children) are very realistic destinations for the weekend – across the boundary but hey, we’re allowed to cross it. Further south there’s Duff Roblin and Trappist Monastery provincial Park, and to the Northwest, Scurfield Park and Kirkbridge Park with plenty more green areas in between.

Most of which are perfect for that Sunday stroll with your dog having rented a pet-friendly apartment for that exact reason. For the relaxing business weekend meet-ups with colleagues, there’s also Tuxedo Golf Club, Southwood Golf and Country Club with swimming pools and sports centres centrally located.

Welcome to the Culture capital of Canada – well back in 2010 but as a local, I can state matter of factly that we are still honored by the award and proud of our multicultural heritage and how this is presented in both drama, entertainment and every day living. Your new home could be in Saint Germain, Bridgewater Lakes, Bright Oaks, Royalwood, Vermette or Perrault. Our Real Easter agents are awaiting your call.

Whether you’re here for work, retirement – see our baby boomer offers, to study and live in luxury in a shared apartment or simply wish to move away from Mum and Dad or start a family anew, we are sure Your Next Place can not only locate the best apartments for rent in south Winnipeg but in a location that suits your needs to a  tee. Got to love those golf clubs!