Apartment Fitness Gadgets – Do They Work?

Nowadays, many people are renting apartments.Whether it’s for convenience, location, or to save money, we lead our lives in smaller spaces than we might have once dreamed of. But there’s also still the social pressure to stay in shape, and the convenience of an at-home gym is incredibly tempting for apartment dwellers. This is where compact fitness equipment really shines. From folding treadmills, to door-mounted pull-up bars, there are smaller versions of all the staple gym equipment you’d find in any decent fitness facility. Whether you’re stuck in a tiny bachelor apartment, or in the market for spacious Winnipeg luxury apartments, there are tons of gadgets marketed for today’s renters.Compact equipment is usually at a lower price point, so they seem like a total steal,especially compared to rising fitness facility costs. So, is it worth cultivating your own workout equipment collection in the comfort of your own compact home? Let’s take a look at your options.

First, and foremost, is the complete gym machine. These machines typically have a bench, with pullies and arms, allowing you to do upwards of 50 different workouts in the same 10-foot space. You can spring for the gold standard, the classic Bowflex we’ve all seen time and time again, but if you’re living on a budget, you may want to consider lower cost alternatives like the affordable and modern Total Gym. Regardless of price point, complete gym machines definitely offer the convenience of multiple stations, and tons of versatile parts allowing you to workout your entire body. They’re also incredibly compact, especially for a machine with so many uses, so the convenience factor is unparalleled. The bottom line is, if you actually motivate yourself to utilize all that they have to offer, they’re an absolute must for anyone looking to stay in shape without leaving the apartment.

Next, there are good old fashioned weights. Not only can you get a nice set of dumbbells for a small investment, there are tons of alternatives like kettlebells, medicine balls, punching weights, and even ankle weights. Basically, you could always pick up a set of basic dumbbells and use them for any workout. But now, you can also just buy specialty weights for almost any workout, so there’s no need to shell out for a complete set if you’re only going to use them for one specific purpose.

 Finally, there are as-seen-on-TV gadgets, things like ab rollers, Thigh Masters, balance boards, and pull-up bars. Theseare riskier because they tend to be flimsy, so they break easily, and can damage your apartment. They also tend to be very specific fad equipment, so you’ll likely find them at garage sales or gathering dust in your closet because they get boring fast. If you want to see how all this so-called miracle equipment works, check out videos of real consumers using them, and misusing them before you order.

In the end, the answer is yes: apartment workout equipment not only exists, it works. There are tons of options, especially affordable and compact options. So as long as you find what works for you, and are willing to put in the work, you can have a great workout without stepping foot in the scary outdoors.