8 Unspoken Rules All Roommates Should Follow

Living in Winnipeg is expensive, and one of the simplest methods of cutting the price of rent is getting yourself a roommate!

Living with another person is a big commitment, whether it be a complete stranger, a significant other, or a friend.  As you share a living space with another person you have to begin to take the other roommate into consideration.

Living with a roommate might either be completely fun, or extremely awful.  If you are experiencing issues with your roommate and you are feeling a bit passive aggressive, just give them a link to this post.

Have a group message

If you are splitting an apartment/house with more than one roommate, begin a group message. Having a way to speak to the entire house is very important and will save the migraine of sending the same old text, “Who’s laundry has been inside the dryer for five days?”

If the landlord is coming over, inform everyone else

Having the landlord come by is always a bit nerve wracking, even if you have not done anything wrong.  Give roommates a courteous heads up so they may be on their best behavior and not become caught in an awkward situation.

Always rinse everything

Whether this be a nasty dish, the shower, or the sink.  Sure, everyone sometimes forgets, but I do not need to see half your head of hair inside the shower each time I go to bathe.

Do not touch the air conditioner

Agree upon a comfortable temperature then stick with that.  I once arrived home from a weekend away to my apartment being 89-degrees Fahrenheit.  Needless to say, I was annoyed by the 4-1/2 hours it took for the apartment to cool down.  Imagine getting a space heater or a fan if you are having a difficult time handling the temperature your roommate has picked.

Be mindful

I can’t stress this enough.  If you happen to share something with others, such as a parking space or driveway make certain that there’s room for their vehicle, too.  The same holds true for shared household appliances. If you happen to leave something unusable or dirty it’s your job to clean it and restore it back to working condition.

Do not sweat the small stuff

There always will be small things which get on everyone’s nerves; however, if your roommate’s quirks are quite harmless, let it slide.  Odds are they aren’t a fan of your quirks either.

Split all expenses and track them

You do not want to be trapped paying the whole internet bill for three consecutive months or being the only person who ever purchases light bulbs.

If you own a pet, remember that it’s your pet

Your roommate might adore your dog, and maybe offer to take him for a walk or feed him when you are out.  Just keep in mind that they aren’t your designated pet sitter, particularly if you aren’t paying them.

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