6 Tips for being a Good Apartment Pet Owner

Most pets are pretty easy to manage in an apartment. Cats don’t really bother the neighbours much, just don’t let them get into the hallway. Same for lizards, mice, gerbils, rats, and any number of other animals. Issues can arise when we get to our dogs. Here are 6 tips on how to manage:

  1. Know your dog breed. If you can, you should understand the breed of your dog, this can give you some insight into its genetic tendencies, and help you head off problems in the future.
  2. Follow the rules. It may seem self-evident but make sure you look for pet friendly apartments for rent. Don’t lie, don’t count on the landlord loving your dog or cat, just don’t take the risk. Life will be much less stressful if your pal is allowed to be there in the first place. You can also check to see if your building has any restrictions on what kinds of pets or behaviour and expectations or anything like that.
  3. Mind the health of your pet. You will want to find a vet for your friend. Of course, you care about your own pet’s health, but it also helps other people care for their pets. If your buddy is not up to date on their vaccines, that can cause problems for the other animals in the building. The less fun side of this is making sure that if your friend gets a little too excited and bites someone, you have all the information needed.
  4. Give your dog a room. I don’t mean literally give your dog a room, but make sure it has a space it can go to if it wants. Put its bed, food and water bowls, a few toys, and its crate if it has one in the same general area. That way if your dog is feeling stressed or anything, it knows where to go. You enjoy having your own space, why wouldn’t your dog? This can also help your dog with some of the other things on this list.
  5. Control their barking. There are a ton of reasons why a dog might bark, especially if it’s an excitable little guy or girl. Make sure your dog is trained so that it barks less, give it plenty of attention when you’re home so that they don’t get lonely, and make sure they’re at least somewhat used to people so that they don’t panic when someone comes to the door.
  6. Clean up after your dog. As many people are fond of saying, everybody poops. This includes your dog. Make sure you clean up after them and dispose of it appropriately. Aside from city bylaws, it’s just polite. No one wants to see that on their lawn or on the street, and it takes minimal effort. In the same vein don’t track mud inside after a walk, help keep your lobby clean.

Dogs are great, make sure yours is a lovable neighbour too, so people will agree that yours is just the best in the world.