6 Things to Know While Renting Sight Unseen

If you are considering moving to an apartment building that is under construction, you will probably be renting sight unseen.  The following six must-know ideas will help prevent expensive mistakes and get the apartment you really want.

Apartment Models and Renderings May Not Tell the Entire Story

Most buildings will have a rendering of a new building or a model unit. Those are marketing materials and might not be a good representation of the apartment you actually will rent.

The model unit might have wall hangings and fancy furniture. Computer renderings or drawings of the rooms and exterior usually have dramatics perspectives that make the design exciting and the ceiling look tall.

If you cannot tour or see the real location, be certain they are specific about what’s actually included in the apartments.

Is There Socializing Planned for You?

Check into any social activities the owner planned for the building.  Are there any lounges close by, and are there going to be a variety of activities held inside it? It might be a red flag if you need peace and quiet. Ask who’ll be coordinating activities, how often and where they’ll be held.

Find the Type of Flooring That Matches Your Lifestyle 

Here, we list some common apartment flooring, and features to consider:

  • Wood laminate floors:  Aesthetically pleasing and durable, it is rapidly becoming the standard in new buildings.
  • Linoleum, ceramic tiles: Ceramic may be fragile, particularly if you drop something on the floor. Be wary of linoleum or white ceramic, as it may be difficult to maintain.
  • Hardwoods: Hardwood floors have a classic appearance with excellent character, yet you must be careful water does not ruin the finish. 
  • Carpet: The majority of apartments have a densely piled, low carpet, with very little padding. Carpeting requires consistent vacuuming and isn’t spill friendly.

Why Should you Make A Big Deal About Closets?

Ask questions about the closets, like:

Doors: Are there any doors or is it simply a curtain? What is the quality of the doors– are they French doors, hollow core, or cheap?

Organization: What is inside for the storage? Is it a shelf and rod, or simply a closet rod for hanging clothing? Is there any kind of closet organizer?

Quantity: How many various kinds of closets are inside the apartment?  Ask if there’ll be:

  • Food pantry closet
  • Coat closet
  • Linen closet

Each of those are crucial because if you do not have one, you will have to come up with an idea for a place to store coats, food items, sheets, towels, etc.

Ask for Specifics on Appliances

Ask questions about the dishwasher, stove, microwave and the garbage disposal.  If laundry is included, what’s the quality ofthe dryer and washer? Are they stacked? Full-sized?  Top load or front load?

Where Is the Apartment Located?

Where inside the building is the apartment? Are you close to the laundry, an elevator, and/or parking garage? Can you hear traffic nearby, or are you within earshot of an outdoor fountain or swimming pool?

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