3 Amenities to Consider While Apartment Hunting

Whether you are a college student searching for a campus vibe, or an empty nester looking for nearby parks, theatre, and dining, it is great to have what you are searching for written down and prioritized in their order of importance.

Here are 3 amenity categories you ought to consider: 1.) What are the intangibles around and in the new community? 2.) What tangibles are inside the apartment complex? 3.) What tangibles are inside the apartment?

Know Amenities You Want Inside the Apartment

What are the features you will want on a daily basis inside the apartment? Notice the first impressions about your potential living space. When you perform a stroll-through, do you feel as if the apartment matches your personality? The place should feel as if it is a great fit for you.

  • Room sizes: Closely look at room sizes. Would you prefer to have more space in the living room or master bedroom? How about the closets? Are there enough closets for you?
  • Pets: Are dogs and cats welcome?
  • Internet: Internet accessibility is a necessity today, yet even more so for those who workout of their homes.
  • Dishwashers: If you have roommates or are raising a family, it’s one amenity you do not want to miss out on. In newer buildings, dishwashers come standard, and not-so-standard in older buildings.
  • Laundry: Having appliances tucked neatly inside the unit are worth it.
  • Kitchen: Check the kitchen area out to see if it matches your lifestyle. Are you an

eat-on-the-go kind of person who needs a microwave, or do you prefer to occasionally cook meals for family and friends?

What is Outside the Door?

Go for a tour and check out what is available down the hall, outside the apartment door, and around and in the remainder of the complex.

  • Access: Will guests have the ability to easily walk up, or will some people have to have an elevator?
  • Storage: Do you need in-building storage for belongings? Be certain to ask the leasing manager about the security of the storage unit.
  • Outdoor living space: Do you have to have your own outside space which enables you to take the edge off urban living — a balcony, patio, or small backyard in which it’s possible to take a break and enjoy some wine?
  • Parking: If your loved ones own a lot of vehicles yet your complex only has one parking spot, make certain to stroll the community during that time of night or day when you will need an additional place to park.
  • FitnessCenter: What about swimming or a fitness room? After a long day of office politics or heavy studying, exercise might be your way to manage all that stress.

Neighborhood Amenities

Some instances of the intangible community amenities may involve:

  • Golf course
  • Fitness clubs
  • Swimming pools
  • Movie theaters
  • Nightlife
  • Cafes
  • Nearby parks
  • Bikepaths
  • Low crime rate
  • Public transportation
  • Supermarket

Once you have a list of intangibles and tangibles for the new apartment and community, number items which are the greatest needs and wants.

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