15 Ways to Make Your Small Rooms Look Larger

Whether you are a student inside a dorm or perhaps residing within an over-priced apartment inside a metropolitan region, you know the problem with how to make a small room appear larger is oh-so real. From bedrooms which are barely large enough to fit a bed, to living rooms which must accommodate a home office, dining area, and a television, fitting everything needed into a small space certainly is not a simple task. With that said, there are an abundance of simple solutions that will assist in making your small space simultaneously appear more welcoming, more multi-functional, and utterly chic.

Here, we list 15 tips on how to make a small room appear larger.

  1. As you add drapes to a room, be certain they are the same color as the walls. Sticking with the same color is going to make the space appear larger. One other trick includes going with sheer drapery.
  1. Take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible, which is going to open your space up.
  1. Choose armchairs and sofas which are raised on legs, creating a feeling of space and light.
  1. Relentlessly de-clutter if you reside within a small space. If you have not used something in one year—or would not purchase it now—throw it out.
  1. Think in a color scheme that is neutral and light, which is going to visually expand the space.
  1. Go for rugs and fabrics in plain colors or small prints. Unified colors visually will expand a more compact room.
  1. Purchase multi-functional furniture, like ottomans that may be used as both as extra seating and coffee table, all at one time.
  1. Include mirrors within the space! The reflection is going to make the room look larger.
  1. There is an old rule that more compact furniture within a small area is the way to go, yet a couple of larger furniture pieces inside a small room often will make it appear larger.
  1. Think about adding wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling bookcases. This tip will expand how high the ceilings appear, plus it is an excellent method of adding storage.
  1. Furniture which may be wheeled away, stacked, or folded, is your friend. Just push it out of the way as it isn’t being used.
  1. Do not fill up all exposed shelves in a room. Leaving a bit of empty space gives your small area an airy appearance.
  1. Installing a built-in desk which takes up the whole length of the room or expansive countertops inside the kitchen, is going to create an illusion of a longer room.
  1. Purchase some of the furniture in the same color scheme as the walls, that way it just blends in and is going to widen the space.
  1. Do not automatically put your furniture against walls. Occasionally placing a piece at an angle or perhaps surrounded by open space, is going to make the room look larger.

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