Premium Winnipeg Apartments for Rent

Like a needle in a haystack. Like a diamond in the ruff. Finding that perfect place can be a challenge, but we’re up to it.

If you’re on the hunt, Your Next Place is here to help.

We’re your source for premium apartments rentals in Winnipeg, carefully curated, and ready for viewing.

Your Next Place takes property rental management to the next level. A service to landlords matching our extraordinary properties to the needs of prospective Winnipeg tenants on a continual basis.

From the historic center of The Forks and the thousands of years people have been crossing the Assiniboine River to meet new people and find new areas to live, to the Exchange district where a youthful and vibrant community grows out of historic landmarks. Though all parts of Winnipeg are certainly not equal. Because of this, we aim to showcase the best and most premium of townhouses, condos and new apartment rentals.

Choosing your next rental home in Winnipeg need not be as taxing as you believe it to be. Staff are on hand at all hours of the day, by email or phone to ensure you next place is fit for a lifestyle of your choosing. We offer you lavish dining areas, rooftop terraces and spectacular views over our fair city.

Time For Property Time For Trust

Seeking the best location to live, whether a Central, South or North neighborhood tends to begin from what is usually residing within those four walls and in some cases, three floors. Our property search has been designed to instantly show you the rental property’s amenities and fitness facility availability, elevator, patio, washing machine and hardwood floors. As much as prime living space is up for grabs, highlighting those all important parking spaces too.

The cost of renting in Canada (and in America just 110 kilometers away) can often swing and Winnipeg is just a competitive as any other location. Our luxurious properties on occasion do overwhelm the senses, are replete with all the furnishings and essentials that busy working people like yourself have come to rely upon. We are conscious to the fact that many wait years to live in their dream rental home. A waiting list subscription is available for each and every rental property to ensure you don’t miss out when the current tenant departs. Cross your fingers.

Join us on location to see our many wonderful properties. Matching tenants with buildings and offering not only accommodation but a home to love is what we strive for. Following all regulations and guidance as laid out by the Residential Tenancies Act of Manitoba.

Viewing, Not Seeing, Is Believing

There is an incredible array of studios, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom luxury apartments awaiting you. Most will reside within glamorous settings and those that are slightly shielded from the limelight will have stupendous offerings and local amenities and, if you work from home, you will never need to leave your street ever again. Why would you need to?

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Our coverage of Winnipeg’s premium property rental market is vast and each day we unearth new properties that will exceed our client’s expectations. Management is the key in the letting process from enabling tenants to view at any time to collecting rent, spending time to showcase a development and an area’s amenities.

There are Winnipeg homes for rent with Brio Brownstones, at The Spot and Kenwood Court. From St. Boniface to Charleswood and Transcona to Fort Garry, our agents are ready to ensure tenants are happy in their chosen property and immediate lifestyle needs are met.

All of our rental homes are exemplary, properties finished to the highest of standards, presented in the finest detail with all modern conveniences and luxurious furniture and homewares that would make friends and family travel 3000 miles to visit – and to see you of course. Our properties are not just recommended, they are celebrated by current tenants and in stories passed down the generations.