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Your next place shouldn’t just be somewhere to rest your head, or set up shop.  It shouldn’t just be four walls to contain your ‘stuff’.  It’s not about finding a place to live, or subscribing to a certain style, it’s a matter of combining the two.  Life and style together.  Lifestyle.  Better yet, your lifestyle.  It’s the difference between cooking, and having fun in the kitchen; catching zzz’s, and waking up rested, relaxing on the couch and relishing in the peace (or the party), whatever your choice.

Here at Your Next Place we take pride in being able to connect quality tenants with extensively renovated or newly built apartment options that offer that ‘lifestyle’ that we believe in.

Whatever your role in that equation, Your Next Place is here to help you out, every step of the way.

  • An Apartment/Condo Developer

    An Apartment/Condo Developer looking for a team that can handle the full initial lease up of your building?

    You’re in good hands here, with a track record to prove it. Your Next Place has successfully coordinated the full initial marketing & lease up of buildings ranging from 23 – 128 suites with rental rates between $845 - $2,240/mo.

    We like to get involved right from the beginning by offering floor plan and rental rate consultations. We love being able to apply our knowledge of market comparables resulting in the greatest value for developers and tenants alike.

    Our warehouse full of modern furniture and in house staging artists are sure to create a lasting impression with a furnished display suite and professional photography and videography.

    Once the vision has been created and building complete, our personable Leasing Agents will tactfully swoop in to steal the show. From development through to full occupancy, Your Next Place has you covered.


    Contact Laura today to discuss how Your Next Place can help fulfill your objectives.

  • An Independent Condo/Home Owner

    An Independent Condo/Home Owner looking to explore renting out your personal asset?

    So, you have this gorgeous place but for one reason or another you’d rather not live in it yourself anymore and would like to rent it out. Sure, you can try asking around and seeing if anyone knows somebody that knows somebody that would be interested, but certainly you have better things to do with your time than that.

    Let Your Next Place connect you with quality tenants looking to turn your home into theirs. Access to our premium listing platform and network will ensure that your property gets seen by those you want to see it.

    Whether you’re just looking for some extra exposure for your property or are out of town and unable to coordinate the whole tenant finding process we’re here to help.

  • A Property Management Company

    A Property Management Company looking for more exposure for your listings?

    Your Next Place works directly with a variety of Property Management Companies that are looking for that extra little bit of Oomph in showcasing their premium projects. We post up your vacancies onto our trusted listing platform and you watch as the qualified leads role in.

    Benefit from our unique Lead View System and wait list collection options that ensure you have names to call upon whenever your next vacancy comes up.

    The Lead View System allows you to track and monitor replies from your caretakers to ensure all of the inquiries receive timely, complete responses. Every lead matters as you never know which one will convert into that signed year lease – never let another one slip through the cracks again with the automatic contact reminders. Empower your team with all of the floor plan and 3D modeling marketing support they need, already preloaded into the templates to aid in quicker conversion.

    Thorough knowledge of each listing enables us to personally recommend your vacancy whenever appropriate. Let Your Next Place work for you in the background while you take the credit for 0 vacancy loss with your clients.

  • A Real Estate Agent

    A Real Estate Agent looking for a way to attract more Investment Buyers to your projects?

    As the demand for high end rental units increases, more and more buyers are looking to get their share of the action – and profits. They look towards new condo developments to purchase quality assets that will appreciate over time but also provide monthly positive cash flow.

    Here enters Your Next Place. We are able to provide the link between your clients that have the funds to acquire the asset, without the know how or time to fill it and the quality tenants that they’re looking for. Your role is simply to enjoy an increase in sales as you hand over a professionally prepared all inclusive Marketing & Leasing package by Your Next Place.

    Be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity.