Choosing the Right Apartment for You and Your Pet

If residing without your pet is unthinkable, read these tips to ensure that you’re an excellent neighbor, as well as a compliant member of the rules inside your apartment complex.

Research apartment options

Carefully research to locate an apartment complex which is going to permit the kind of pet you have or wish to adopt. Some complexes permit small pets, like a cat, hamster, or gerbil, while other communities will allow you to have small dogs yet may limit the breed. Therefore, if you have an energetic Lab retriever, or you always have wanted a Great Dane, you may need to look a bit more to locate an option.

If possible, live on the first floor

If you have a dog, it might be easier to live on the first floor. Heading directly outdoors from the front door is less messy and faster than maneuvering through the hallways and downstairs with a dog who has been waiting all day to go out.

Consider the personality of your pet

Cats may be low maintenance and independent, while hamsters and guinea pigs are confined to a cage but require a little more work. Be aware that specific dog breeds are high energy and might be chewed if they’re bored. Dogs susceptible to incessant barking — at other canines, passersby they see out of the window, sounds such as the air conditioning or furnace kicking on — is disruptive, even to dog-loving neighbors. Therefore, if you really, really want a dog, consider a smaller breed notorious for its calm disposition. Establish realistic expectations and know that some pets simply are not cut out for living in apartments.

Keep pets updated on vaccinations and parasite preventions

It’s important anyway, yet particularly when you’re living in an apartment complex next to people and other animals.

Give pet a lot of exercise

The majority of dogs require a lot of exercise. Select an apartment complex with a good area for you and your pooch to walk, whether it is on the grounds or on the sidewalks leading to other communities. Some apartment complexes have their own dog park for their tenants to use. Or you might investigate public dog parks which are close to the proximity where you live.

Keep pet entertained

For inside pets, be certain that you have a lot of toys to play with. Cats like to hang out in high areas; therefore, having a cat tower inside the apartment may offer hours of entertainment. If there is a dog, consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter who can offer a little interaction during the daytime.

Obtain renter’s insurance

Your apartment complex might require renter’s insurance anyway; however, it is an excellent idea to have it. Even the best-trained canines are not perfect. Renter’s insurance will assist you financially if your dog or other type of pet causes damage to something.

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The Convenience of Living Within A Walking Distance from Work

If you are exhausted from spending endless hours commuting and driving from and to work and changing employers isn’t an option, it is time that you think about moving closer to your office. The benefits of living close to your workplace may outweigh whatever cons it might present. Below are a few of the reasons why residing close to your job is a benefit and getting a luxury apartment is a worthwhile investment:

You’ll gain a work/life balance

The endless hours spent commuting may be utilized to chill with your loved ones or hang with your friends. It’s possible to use the additional time to pursue hobbies. There are more chances for rest when you do not need to spend so much time travelling on the road.

It’s possible to walk to work, which is much healthier

If you reside just a couple of minutes away from your office, it’s possible to forego taking public transportation and instead walk to your job. It’s an excellent method of exercising without becoming too tired by the time you arrive to your office. Besides, walking to work is preferable to being crammed into a train or bus. If your luxury apartment is a little too far for walking, you can choose to instead bike to work. It still beats the traffic and discomfort you’ll experience in commutes.

Did you have any idea that by walking thirty minutes per day, you actually can lose weight and gain better health?

Save money

Biking or walking to your job will save you lots of fare money. It’s especially a fact if you usually take a taxi to work. Imagine the thousands you’ll wind up saving by not riding the cab. If you reside close to your job, you also can drop by in your apartment for lunch rather than dining out every day.

Place yourself in less danger

All of us know the horrific tales that Filipino commuters suffer on a routine basis. The average commuter taking the train or bus must deal with sexual harassers and robbers which blend in with the crowd. Commuters who drive to work have to handle reckless motorists and corrupt enforcers taking advantage of helpless motorists. It’s possible to escape all of this by renting a luxury apartment closer to your job. The briefer the distance between your office and home, the lesser the odds of encountering criminal elements.

You’ll do the environment a favor

Think about the carbon footprint you are accumulating if you are travelling to work 5 days per week. Giving up your vehicle and moving closer to your job so you can instead walk is a huge contribution to our environment.

Since you already spend the majority of your waking time slaving away at your job, you deserve to take a break after working. Getting trapped inside a car, bus or train for hours shouldn’t be a part of your routine.

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The Advantages of Having A 3-Bedroom Apartment for A Growing Family

Apartments provide better options for a growing family.  Three-bedroom apartments are a preferred choice for big families, as they offer extra space. The sizeable bedroom apartments offer plenty of living space for you and your loved ones. If the apartment is appropriately-sized then families tend to live there for a long duration.

Apartments are usually built in dense areas. This can be a good thing for families as there is an established infrastructure. Three-bedroom apartment buildings help in establishing well catered community hubs.

There are many advantages of living in an apartment for a growing family. These include:


Three-bedroom apartments are a cheaper alternative to a standalone house. Efficiencies that don’t exist for individual houses come into play with good apartment development. One of the benefits of apartment living is accessibility to things you need.

Rent is cheaper than the mortgage. It is easier to rent a nice property in a convenient location at a monthly price that is much lower than a mortgage.

In addition to lower monthly payments, other financial components such as utilities are also lower. This is a big advantage for a growing family as it enables them to live in a convenient location and still save money.


Apartment complexes are built with additional amenities such as convenience stores, laundry facilities, gyms, and swimming pools. This can be very convenient for a growing family. The cost of using the amenities is included in the rent.

Apartment living gives you and your family convenient access to all amenities for a fraction of a cost. With extra space for a playroom, the children will have plenty of entertainment options. This gives children the opportunity to socialize and interact with other kids in the apartment.

Easy Maintenance

Home-ownership can be stressful as you need to take care of all repairs and maintenance. From loose shingles on the roof to leaky faucets, it is your responsibility to fix these things. This can be time-consuming and expensive.

When you rent a three-bedroom apartment, you don’t have to worry about making repairs and paying for them. The landlord maintains and keeps everything in good order. This is really useful for working families.


Apartment buildings have multiple layers of security. Most apartments have an extensive security system in place. This ensures the safety of your loved ones. Individual apartments are outfitted with safety devices. This can give you the confidence that your family is safe even when you are away at work.


When you start living in an apartment building, you build close proximity with other families. Your kids will get to make new friends, and this encourages a sense of community.

If you have a growing family, you can find an apartment that is affordable, convenient, comfortable and fulfills all your family needs. Most people think apartment living is for young professionals and newly married couples but the truth is that it is becoming a popular choice for growing families, too.

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8 Unspoken Rules All Roommates Should Follow

Living in Winnipeg is expensive, and one of the simplest methods of cutting the price of rent is getting yourself a roommate!

Living with another person is a big commitment, whether it be a complete stranger, a significant other, or a friend.  As you share a living space with another person you have to begin to take the other roommate into consideration.

Living with a roommate might either be completely fun, or extremely awful.  If you are experiencing issues with your roommate and you are feeling a bit passive aggressive, just give them a link to this post.

Have a group message

If you are splitting an apartment/house with more than one roommate, begin a group message. Having a way to speak to the entire house is very important and will save the migraine of sending the same old text, “Who’s laundry has been inside the dryer for five days?”

If the landlord is coming over, inform everyone else

Having the landlord come by is always a bit nerve wracking, even if you have not done anything wrong.  Give roommates a courteous heads up so they may be on their best behavior and not become caught in an awkward situation.

Always rinse everything

Whether this be a nasty dish, the shower, or the sink.  Sure, everyone sometimes forgets, but I do not need to see half your head of hair inside the shower each time I go to bathe.

Do not touch the air conditioner

Agree upon a comfortable temperature then stick with that.  I once arrived home from a weekend away to my apartment being 89-degrees Fahrenheit.  Needless to say, I was annoyed by the 4-1/2 hours it took for the apartment to cool down.  Imagine getting a space heater or a fan if you are having a difficult time handling the temperature your roommate has picked.

Be mindful

I can’t stress this enough.  If you happen to share something with others, such as a parking space or driveway make certain that there’s room for their vehicle, too.  The same holds true for shared household appliances. If you happen to leave something unusable or dirty it’s your job to clean it and restore it back to working condition.

Do not sweat the small stuff

There always will be small things which get on everyone’s nerves; however, if your roommate’s quirks are quite harmless, let it slide.  Odds are they aren’t a fan of your quirks either.

Split all expenses and track them

You do not want to be trapped paying the whole internet bill for three consecutive months or being the only person who ever purchases light bulbs.

If you own a pet, remember that it’s your pet

Your roommate might adore your dog, and maybe offer to take him for a walk or feed him when you are out.  Just keep in mind that they aren’t your designated pet sitter, particularly if you aren’t paying them.

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Moving from a 3-Bedroom Apartment to A 2 Bedroom, What to Keep?

If you are moving from a three-bedroom apartment to a two bedroom, innovation and management is everything. The number of things that we accumulate over the years can be overwhelming. Deciding what to keep and what to dispose of can be tough.

Moving into a two-bedroom apartment from a three-bedroom apartment can be quite a challenge. You not just have to deal with the arduous task of relocating but you also have to fit everything into a smaller space and make it work.

Downsizing – Adopting a Minimalist Mindset

Declutter before moving. This makes downsizing easy. Start by going through the kitchen and bathroom items. Donate or throw away anything you don’t need. Let go of everything you don’t need or value.

Go through clothes and other miscellaneous items. If you haven’t worn any dress for more than a year, you can choose to donate it. Similarly, if you haven’t used any particular item for more than a couple of years, you can sell or donate it.

Bringing down your possessions to a bare minimum ensures emotional and physical comfort. Make a list of things you definitely need in your new house. When you know what you need, you will be able to get rid of things you don’t need easily.

Measure Each Room in the New Apartment

Measure each room to find out the actual layout and dimensions of the new apartment. This can enable you to find out what you can fit in the rooms. Take accurate measurements of your furniture. If the bedrooms are small, you will need a smaller bed and furniture.

Get Organized

If you are short on space, you should avoid bringing clutter. Take one room at a time and get everything organized. Go through the closet, shelf, and drawer to organize everything you need. Sort everything and neatly arrange them in boxes.

Arrange things that you want to donate or throw away in boxes too. It ensures that you carry only the things you need. This can save a lot of headaches and make it easier to move into your new home.

Remember that the process requires a lot of time and effort. Don’t wait until the last minute to organize everything. It is best to get started on the process at least three to four weeks before you start moving. Maximize space by using creative storage options.

Deal with Larger Items

A useful tip when moving to a smaller space is to deal with the larger household things before the smaller things. Disassemble furniture to reduce the risk of damage during relocation. Bigger household items occupy a lot of space and when you place them in their designated places, it will be easy to unpack and arrange the smaller items.

The two-bedroom apartment may be smaller than the three-bedroom apartment but there are ways to get the most of the limited space. The less stuff you bring into your new home, the more space you will have. Keep only what you use, need and love.

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Things to Look for When Searching for a New Apartment

Apartment hunting usually gets a bad rap. Yes, you must scour endless maps on the internet to locate available apartments. Yes, you must have a budget in mind and have knowledge of what you’re able to afford. And yes, you must avoid getting distracted by those expensive apartments you cannot afford. However, locating a new apartment isn’t nearly as bad as folks seem to believe it is – if there’s a plan in place.

Do not allow yourself to feel pressured or overwhelmed when you are apartment hunting. Prepare yourself instead and remember the following 4 things to be on the lookout for while hunting for a new apartment.

Work with Professionals

As Craigslist and additional rental websites might provide fantastic deals on apartments, there are some risks involved in working with people who are not professionals. Instead, cooperate with a company you trust. The company ought to permit you to see the apartments before you sign any paperwork, and always will accept credit card payments or checks.

Consider the Feel of Lifestyle

What kind of apartment are you looking for? Do you like a barebones apartment, or an apartment which includes all the top amenities?

Some apartments offer fancy features such as a high-tech fitness center, free steak dinners each Friday, resort-style pool, and much more. But, those features will not be right for everyone.

Some folks would like to live more modestly and avoid such amenities. Regardless, it is vital that you consider what style of living is more appropriate for you.

Other considerations: Would you like to be surrounded by nature or in the middle of a major city? Are you one who likes having restaurants and bars nearby, or would you like to live in a more isolated region that provides you the flexibility to go for a hike? Write a list of your main priorities in a new apartment then categorize them in terms of importance.

Note Any Common Walls

If you will be sharing a common wall with one other tenant, determine which walls they are.

Is your bedroom wall going to be against another renter’s living room wall? Are the walls ultra-thin? Will you be able to hear someone’s television blaring all night long when you are trying to go to bed?

Adding a white noise machine or carpet are two ways to fix any concerns about noise. But, if you are sensitive to sounds, determine these facts before signing a lease.

Inspect Apartment for Issues with Safety

Regardless of the area you plan on living in, you will want to ensure that the apartment complex and unit are safe. Check all of the door and window locks to ensure that they work.

Be certain to do a sweep of the whole apartment complex, and not just the unit you will be living in. Do a stroll-through of the whole complex to ensure that it exceeds your safety standards.

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